Weekly Workout Schedule

I’ve had a few folks ask what my weekly workout schedule looks like. So…here’s what I did last week. It was a pretty typical week except that my long run was a few more miles than usual.

MONDAY July 28:
5 easy recovery miles with my husband

5 more easy miles before my GRIT class

30 minutes of GRIT plyo

TUESDAY July 29:
Track with my Fleet Feet Speed Sessions Group! This workout is based on my 6:20 1 mile time trial.
4 mile warmup/ drills
2×200 (0:47) with 200m recovery
1×800 (3:10) with 400m recovery
1×600 (2:13) with 400m recovery
1×400 (1:29) with 400m recovery
2×200 (0:45) with 200m recovery
1 mile cool down


I jogged 5 super easy paced miles to/from the gym and did 30 minutes of GRIT cardio.

Tempo Run: 9 miles total
Warmup: 8:50, 8:30
Tempo: 7:36, 7:33, 7:30, 7:31, 7:36, 7:35
Cool down: 8:58

I jogged 5 super easy paced miles to/from the gym for Body Pump class.

Evening: 3 mile run with an group of ladies training for the Women’s Half Marathon!

5.5 miles with The Breakfast Club run group (We eat hills for breakfast!)

Evening: 3 miles with the Dirtbag Trail Running Club

FRIDAY August 1:
8 miles

SATURDAY August 2:
20 miles (9:18 pace) I’m pacing a training group for the Chicago Marathon.

SUNDAY August 3:
9 miles and some gym time with my husband for weights


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