Run Like Roy

Today was a very exciting day. One of my favorite people/running partners returned to running after being sidelined by a broken collar bone. Roy and I met though Fleet Feet Nashville’s Ultra-Dirtbag club. I was mostly a lone wolf runner and he encouraged me to join multiple running groups and even got me running track with him weekly (or as we call it…the pain train).

We’re now on the Fleet Feet Racing Team and we have logged a LOT of miles together!

Most importantly he is my reminder to run for the joy of it. He’s such a zen runner. Don’t let that zen fool you, though. He ran Boston and the Thunder Rock 100 miler earlier this year.
He also paced me to win first female in a Jackal Trail Marathon in June. As you can see, I just want to Run Like Roy!


This morning he joined our “Breakfast Club”. We don’t actually eat breakfast, but we do finish at Starbucks for coffee afterwards. We joke that we eat miles for breakfast or some nonsense like that!

On Thursday evenings we have a Dirtbag trail run, but beforehand I stopped to vote (I run this body and I voted…boom!)


I met for husband for some avocado rolls. I could live off of avocados. Yea for healthy fats!

I prepped for what looked to be a soaker.


Is anyone else still using their old school picky bar bags? It’s the perfect size to keep my key dry during rainy runs.


I was so excited to get to run with Roy twice in one day and amazingly the big rain held off until immediately after our run.

Bonus: I came home to find a cupcake waiting on me. My husband rocks!


Sorry it’s a crappy picture but who has the willpower to stop eating a cupcake to take a good picture?!!

17 thoughts on “Run Like Roy

  1. What a great post! Running with great people also fills my heart! I’ve found that runners have a shared value of kindness – especially trail runners!


  2. Jen, I used to be a lone wolf runner, too; I think that finally agreeing to run with a neighbor, several years ago, and then being introduced to a training group in preparation for my first half marathon really set the stage for me being open to groups. I will say, though, that there are still times when I prefer to run alone…old habits die hard. 🙂 Great post!


  3. It’s so great that our friends inspire us. It’s great to hear how Roy inspires you, and you provide inspiration to the rest of us. Whenever I feel like I don’t want to get out in it, I wonder what the reaction of David Haywood or Jen would be. You should be proud that you inspire people the way you do. Keep being awesome. The world needs it.


  4. Great blog, Jen! Please keep them coming. Running friends are the best! Can’t imagine life without them. Thank you all so much!


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