21 Miles, 3 Boys, and a Monkey

Friday Night Prep.

I don’t always eat pasta the night before my Saturday run, but when the miles start to get into the 20’s…game on!


I make sure to lay everything out the night before, because who’s brain works at 4am?  Mine does not.


Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator (Apple Berry).

Gu (Chocolate Outrage).

Cocogo (Raspberry Passion Fruit). ***Use Code: JENCHOOSESJOY for 40% off your order

Picky Bar (Cookie Doughpness).

Garmin 620.

Amphipod Thermal Lite 20oz.

Cyclone Cup


The all important coffee is setup and ready to go.IMG_4426.JPG

Nespresso Vertuoline and Aeroccino (It’s the only frother I’ve found that works really well on almond or soy milk)


Saturday Long Run

4:00am alarm…doh!


100 % humidity at 6am…good times!




I am pacing an awesome Fleet Feet Nashville: Chicago Marathon training group.  I ran 3 solo miles, met my group and paced for 18 miles. 21.5 total.


My favorite recovery breakfast is oatmeal. Isn’t this the prettiest oatmeal?!  Trust me…it tasted even better than it looked!!!




3 of our nephews were staying with us this weekend, so after an ice bath and oatmeal, my husband and I took them rock climbing.  I felt surprisingly good after running (no soreness at all).  That’s a lot of progress for me!



3 little monkeys showing us how it’s done!



After rock climbing, we stopped for dinner and froyo.



Vegetable Lettuce wraps from PF Chang’s



Sweet Cece’s.  I promise there’s froyo underneath that cookie dough;)


The Monkey

A couple of weeks ago, I entered the lottery for the Flying Monkey Marathon.  Well…I got in.  Let the terror begin to set in.  This is going to be a doozy.  Here is a note from the RD and the elevation chart:

“Today is not your lucky day.  Today is, in fact, a bad bad day for you.  I am sorry.

We have run the lottery, and your name was selected as one that can participate in this year’s Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.  Yep.  You are in.  Words cannot express how sorry I am for you.  Or how sorry you will be.  Anyhow, looks like you are in.  Good luck with that.  You will most certainly regret it.  I’ll be in touch.”


What do you eat for dinner the night before you long run/race day?  Are you superstitious about eating the same foods each week?

I’m wrapping up my first week of blogging.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and encouragement!!!  #choosejoy

6 thoughts on “21 Miles, 3 Boys, and a Monkey

  1. I love the 3 monkeys – so cute, and very appropriate to your race announcement. YIKES! You are going to do amazingly well, though, I have no doubt. 🙂 Great job pacing your group; that is such a great gift you are providing to those runners. I tried Vega Sport Accelerator for the first time about 30 minutes prior to my 4 mile race a couple of weeks ago; could be how I placed in my AG?!? 🙂 Not sure, but I’m willing to try it again!! Do you use their protein products as well? Looking for a new supplement to my morning smoothies. Great post, gal!


    • Being a pacer is so much fun. It insures that I run a nice/easy pace plus I get to visit with a big group of runners. The time flies by. I haven’t tried the other Vega products, but I swear by the recovery. I drink it immediately after my tough runs. Congrats on such an awesome race!!!!


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