Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible

Those that subscribe to my blog received the draft of this post yesterday. Oops…sorry about that. Here’s the full post. I will probably make that same mistake again in the future. Bear with me.

Let’s talk about today.  It is GLORIOUS!


With my husband out of town, I had my crepe date with Oprah.


She says that the ideal sleep temperature is 61 degrees.  What?!!  I would freeze!



Can you believe it’s August?  We are having gorgeous weather in Tennessee today.



I couldn’t waste this beautiful weather, so after breakfast I headed out for a TEMPO RUN.

9 miles.  Here are my splits:

Warmup: 9:20, 8:51

Tempo: 7:49, 7:44, 7:39, 7:41, 7:39, 7:41

Cool Down: 8:54



My favorite Oiselle Winona Tank! (BONUS: it’s on sale right now…woo hoo!)


Seen on my run:  Are these baby turkeys?


After my run, I took a Body Pump class…boom!



Trust me, the irony is not lost on me that I am a suburban housewife wearing this tee.  Rap is my jam when I run, so this was a MUST!




Kara Groucher knows who I am!  Well…not really, but this happened last night.  I totally geeked out!




And lastly, I have  new item on my wish list: Oiselle posted a pic of these pants…a must purchase for me!!


Do you guys still subscribe to magazines or do you read everything online?  My husband keeps telling me that it’s antiquated to get physical magazines.

Do you listen to music when you run?  What kind?

Do you like it that cold when you sleep?


12 thoughts on “Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible

  1. Look at you speedy! Nice work on that tempo!
    Much to my husband’s dismay (he claims I’m freezing him out) I have a really hard time sleeping when it’s above 68 degrees in the house. As in, I wake up sweaty at 4AM. Even if it’s 70 degrees. Yet I get cold if it’s that temp during the day. It’s so weird!


  2. I would freeze at that temp!!!! Way too cold! Great job on your tempo run! Mine didn’t go so well this morning, but there is always next time. I like physical magazines, something about holding them and getting one on the mail! I also love some good rap music when I run hard. My playlist is all over the place though, I love variety.


  3. Okay, so it is like a meat locker in our apartment when we sleep – but temp stays around 65-66, not 61!! Sheesh! I definitely want those tights – saw that pic last night, too, and thought, “I die.” I’m so jealous that Kara favorited your tweet 🙂 and you had an amazing run yesterday! The weather has been so great! I’ve learned everything about my blog the hard way…you’re doing great!!

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  4. I subscribe to trail mags & runner’s world. I like the physical copy.

    I listen to a variety of music. I use music for my cadence. It depends on the day. Today, it was Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, Sara Barellis and Needtobreathe.

    I would freeze at 61!!


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