The Friday Five

1.  I did an easy 7 miler this morning and discovered a “new to me” station on iHeartRadio…Spin Cycle.  It’s Pop Music Club Remixes and they’re all perfect uptempo’s for running.



2.  Breakfast for lunch!  I usually eat a salad for lunch, but I wanted something a little heartier for tomorrow’s long run.  As my friends will attest, I have a true love for oatmeal…especially these steel-cut oats!


3.  Dr. Seuss must have seen the elevation chart for tomorrow’s 20 miler!


4.  Salad and Veggie Burger at J’s.  It’s tried and true before a long run.  BUT…the secret is the Cornbread Croutons!!!  They aren’t on the menu, but if you ask your server, they’ll make them for you.  Do it.  Now.  Seriously.



5.  #choosejoy How perfect is this new decal?!!



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