DC Day 2

My favorite running is vacation running.  I feel like runners get to see the city in a way that most miss.  I woke up early, excited to head out to breakfast.  The sunrise was beautiful!


I headed out to Georgetown to hit up Baked and Wired.  Thanks to everyone that recommended it!


I went with a soy Intelligentsia cappuccino and a slice of pumpkin ginger bread. That cream cheese frosting was SO good!  I always save my favorite part for last, so the final bites will be the best.


I ran back to the hotel and stopped by my gym for some lifting. Isn’t this a wonderful hotel gym?!



Grabbed another coffee (don’t judge) and worked on my blog in a pretty little courtyard.


For the afternoon, I went to Georgetown to support the local economy.



I was  excited to see a Dean and Deluca. I picked up a brown rice avocado roll and enjoyed it on their patio.






Once my husband finished his last meeting, we headed out for dinner on the Cava Mezze patio. Greek tapas. Loved it!!

Check out their roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Happy vegetarians:)




DC has a great Capital Bikeshare program, so we decided to take the long way back to our hotel on bicycles.




Do you like to run when you’re on vacation or do you use it to rest?






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