Homeward Bound

We booked an afternoon flight so we could enjoy just a little more time in the city.

Breakfast of champions! Have you detected a trend? I’m nothing if not predictable.


We opted for biking this morning and got to witness this beautiful sunrise on the bridge to Arlington!


Arlington National Cemetery.  I was humbled by the sea of headstones.  I didn’t want to take pictures out of respect, but in a strange way…it was a beautiful and peaceful place.


We continued our ride along the river to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park and onto the Crescent Trail.  It was full of legit cyclists…then there were these two goofballs!


Bike selfie. Didn’t crash!

Before the airport, we stopped for lunch at Zaytinya.  It’s a Mediterranean tapas restaurant.  The weather was gorgeous, so we dined on the patio that had these great parachute-like umbrellas.  This ended up being one of my favorite meals…so glad we were able to squeeze it in!



Kolokithokeftedes (Zucchini and Cheese Patties), Mushroom Couscous, and Crispy Brussels Afelia

**Over-packer Travel Tip:  My suitcase is always over-weight…especially on the way home after vacation shopping.  So, I check my bag at the curbside check-in.  The employees are allowed to accept tips.  Tip $5 (to avoid having to pay the $75 fee) and they almost always look the other way.  Today, he even tagged my bag, but didn’t charge me.


Once we got home, we stopped for dinner at Chuy’s for a guacamole taco salad…avocado goodness!  It’s not on the menu, but they happily sub guac for the meat.  Yea for restaurants that accommodate vegetarians!


We went to Fleet Feet to pickup singlets for this weekend’s Cumberland Plateau Stage Race.  I couldn’t resist a new pair of Kigers!  They’re my favorite trail shoe and I “needed” a new pair.


I ended the day with the perfect bedtime snack/ souvenir: Hippie Crack Granola from my favorite DC bakery, Baked and Wired!



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