The Broken Toe Shuffle

After an amazing time at the Cumberland Plateau Stage Race, I had a big as yo face taco salad.  I was craving salt and just wanted to lick the salt off of my chips.  That’s not gross right?


Came home, unpacked, and then I clumsily dropped my laptop so the corner landed perfectly on my pinky toe. My whole body fell to the floor. I’ve stubbed my toe before and that hurts. This was an all new pain.

It swelled and turned black. As a runner, I know black toes.  This is an all new black toe problem.  It’s a broken toe problem:(

My laptop obviously did not get the #choosejoy memo!


Oh the irony of running a stage race completely uninjured and then breaking my toe while unpacking.

I limped around, drank some wine, and unsuccessfully tried to sleep.

I woke up this morning and decided to take an easy jog with my hubs to see what I was dealing with. I’m calling my new form “the broken toe shuffle.”  It’s about an 11 minute pace, and I managed 7 miles.
Then went to Body Pump. Shoes are not my friend so I did it barefoot.  A big THANK YOU to my trainer Jennifer Nichols for accommodating my gimp toe!


My Montrail flip flops have been my best friend today.


After a week’s worth of travel, I was so happy to have my regular strawberries with mache rosettes salad.


I did my best to sit for a bit and ice. I hate having to sit still.


I was in the midst of a small pity party when Runner’s World featured me as their RUNootd!  Odds are that I will never be featured for my running, so I’m happy to be on their site for my outfit!  I’m rocking my FlyStyle in the Oiselle Winona Tank and Mac Roga shorts.  It was the perfect pick-me-up!



Like I said, I’ve missed eating at home, so I was excited to cook one of our favorite dinners. I made a quinoa enchilada bake. I’ll start working on the recipe post later tonight.  Check back tomorrow for the recipe…you guys should really make this one!


And lastly, no meal is complete without some vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods!


Have you ever broken a toe? Did you still run? How long did it take to heal?
Do you crave salt after racing?


10 thoughts on “The Broken Toe Shuffle

  1. I have broken my pinkie toe. I do not remember how long it took to heal, but it HURT. Once it started to feel better, I did get some relief by taping it together the the toe next to it. I hope it heals well and FAST. I had to stay off of it for a while. I road the bike and did the elliptical.

    I def crave salt after a sweaty run. I usually crave it after a race too. I am mostly effected by road running. I think that I drink enough electrolyte during a trail race and I take electrolyte tabs.


  2. Umm, definitely NOT gross to want to lick the salt off of your chips – ha! After a sweaty run, I CRAVE salty foods. I’m so sorry to hear about your toe issue – ugh! It’s been so long since I’ve broken a toe, but I do remember that it’s VERY uncomfortable for about a week; it starts to improve after that, I think! So excited about your Runner’s World debut – woo hoo! That is fantastic! I’ll be looking out for this recipe, and I hope your toe heals quickly!


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