Life Lately & Reasons To Hire A Coach

I had a bad case of post-race heavy legs from the Franklin Classic.


It was a not-so-exciting day of laundry and errands.

The highlight was this Mexican Brown Rice and Beans Casserole…


With my favorite white chocolate macadamia nut cookie sandwich from Christie Cookie!!!



Crepe Date Wednesday.  It’s a thing in our house.



Wearing my new Run 4 Others tank!


I left breakfast and headed out for my run.  Progressive 9 miles.  (9:10, 8:31, 8:16, 8:13, 8:12, 8:12, 7:58, 7:49, 7:50)

I went home, changed into dry clothes and headed out to my weights class.  Unfortunately, it was cancelled.  So… I pulled up the OrangeTheory schedule and signed up for their lunch time class. It would have been so easy to just go home, but I knew I’d feel so good after a class!


I am loving my Oiselle Hail Mary Mesh Tank.  It’s so hot right now and it’s sheer and loose. Not so sheer that I feel like I need to suck it in, though;)


Quick dinner at Moe’s. I promise there’s a salad under that cheese. I love that Moe’s offers tofu.


Reasons to Hire a Run Coach:

I’ve always been a little embarrassed to talk about having a personal coach…like coaches are only reserved for fast, elite runners.  But it’s just not the case.  Those who run with me know that I love to improve.  I’m grateful for training plans that help me be the best me I can be. Coach Mark Hadley at Maximum Performance Running has created multiple plans for me with that in mind!  I should note that he coaches some incredible runners including his daughter Alana who qualified for the 2016 Trials with a 2:41 Monumental Marathon!!!


After last weekends 10k and 5k races and this weekends upcoming half marathon, I’m feeling appreciative for my training plan.  My coach was able to work-in these races smack in the middle of my Chicago Marathon training.

No one-size-fits-all online generic plan could accomodate that.  My coach did.

Here is a great list from Coach Hadley on the benefits of a coach.

1. Knowledge – A professional running coach is someone who has studied and continues to study all aspects of the sport in great detail. Being knowledgeable about the sport and how to train for it is how they make their living, so their level of expertise in this area will usually be beyond that of a most runners. The professional running coach focuses on what we should do, and why we do it, and when we should do it, which leaves the runner to spend their energies focused on the actual doing of it.

2. Experience – The frame of reference for a running coach is larger than that of most any single runner, simply because they have seen more situations through all the athletes they have coached. Additionally, coaches are trained (or wired it seems) to analyze the various experiences they have with different athletes and different situation, and it is this analysis of these many and varied experiences that helps them continue to raise their knowledge and frame of reference in the sport.

3. Objectivity – Many runners find that they are too close to their own training and racing to stay completely objective as to what they should or need to do to be effective. But a running coach has the right blend of familiarity and distance necessary to remain objective about the situation. This point has even prompted many coaches to hire a coach themselves to handle their training.

4. Accountability – Having a running coach provides an additional level of accountability that many runners find both motivating and helpful. On days when they are having trouble getting out of bed for scheduled morning run, or are feeling impulsive and considering deviating from the training plan, knowing that they will report in to, and get feedback from, their coach provides a level of accountability that can motivate the runner and help reign in impulsive behavior.

5. Customization – Generic programs found on the internet, or in a book, generated by a computer/app, or used by large charity focused training groups, lack the individual customization that is necessary to help a runner realize their potential and meet their goals. A personal running coach can take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the runner, and make adjustments for the personal situation (work, family, travel, life, race schedule) of the runner. This is something generic programs just can’t do, that often leaves their users scratching their heads, unsure how to best adjust it themselves. The failure rate of runners on generic programs is vastly higher to that of runners using a running coach who has designed for them a custom program.

#5 is my favorite!  Sometimes I am training for a PR.  Lately, I’ve been working on increasing my mileage base worrying less about speed. Back in the spring, I emailed Coach and asked him to help me train for a fall road marathon.  (I wasn’t even sure which marathon at the time!) My request: I want to still enjoy running…I don’t want to burn out.  My plan includes track, tempos, steady states, fast finishes, surges…lots of creative workouts to keep boredom at bay. And, he gives me specific pace goals for each workout!

***I should mention that we’ve never actually met. However, coach had me fill out an extremely thorough questionnaire before we began working together.

Coach Hadley also offers some great nuggets of wisdom on his facebook and twitter accounts.



Do you work with a running coach? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Are you a frosting or cookie/cake person? The frosting is by far my favorite part!

Do you have any experience running back to back races?


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