Cancelled Race

Will. Run. For. Coffee. 6 miles with the Breakfast Club.  This group makes me laugh so hard that I get a bonus ab workout!


Here’s an article from Runner’s World on the 8 Reasons To Drink Coffee.  Drink up!!


Speaking of Starbucks…For those of you with a gold card, they’re running a 5 stores for 5 stars promotion.



I’m up for the challenge!

During our morning run, we realized a bunch of us were running in Swiftwick socks. I said that I have a drawer full of Swiftwicks…here’s proof! Rock The Socks!


After our run, I started packing for the Eastern Kentucky Half Marathon this Saturday….when I received this email.


Bad news: The race is cancelled…big bummer:(  The town has been declared an emergency area from flooding and they’re expecting more rain.

Good news: I’m still going anyways to visit with family!!!

I trust race directors in these situations. I was in Memphis last December when they cancelled the St. Jude Marathon.  It’s just part of life. Bummed, but I’ll just do a long run instead.

This evening I went back to Orange Theory with Corrie and Kellie (it was her first class)!  It was another awesome class that kicked my butt…thank you Sunil!





Picky Bars must have known that I wore their shirt this morning, because I came home to Picky Mail!!

P.S. Cookie Doughpness is my new favorite flavor!


Have you ever had a race cancelled at the last minute? How did you adjust your training?

What’s your favorite brand of run socks?

Do you share my Starbucks addiction?


6 thoughts on “Cancelled Race

  1. You, my dear, are a rockstar! Such a positive outlook no matter the circumstance 🙂 I hope you and the Mr have a wonderful weekend in KY!


  2. Ugh….I feel for you. Sounds like a smart decision on the part of the race directors though. I ran Marine Corps last October and it was ALMOST cancelled because of the “government shutdown” a couple weeks prior. I had a freakout, as it was a goal race for me, and was scrambling to try and find another race in order to not “waste” the training. Luckily, things went on as planned. Hope you have a great weekend anyway!


  3. Such a great attitude! So many people get so worked up about things like that! It isn’t like race directors WANT to cancel! So much work to cancel and/or reschedule! Glad you still get to go to visit family at least! Have a great weekend!


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