Road Trippin’

Even though my race was cancelled, we still wanted to travel to Eastern Kentucky to visit with my family.

I am the worst over-packer.  This is for two people for a 3 day weekend.  It’s embarrassing.


We listened to my iHeartRadio.  I love The Bobby Bones Show!


Being a vegetarian on the road in small town Kentucky isn’t easy.

We made the regrettable mistake of stopping at Taco Bell.  “Run From The Border”

Then we listened to Kathy Griffin’s new comedy album…HIIILARIOUS!


There is barely any cell service, let alone wi-fi, so I brought my recent giant stack of catalogs for shopping entertainment.


And, most importantly…we stopped at the last chance Starbucks in London, KY. Goodbye civilization. Now entering Appalachia.


Just because…


Did you race this weekend? Long run? Tell me about it!!

Do you pack your own food when you travel OR do you go for the ease of fast food?


3 thoughts on “Road Trippin’

  1. I think that all depends on where I’m going. If I know we have places to stop where I can get something somewhat healthy, I’ll rely on that, but we usually have something in the car (granola bar, fruit, applesauce packets) that will get us by in a pinch!

    I made your Black Bean & Quinoa Enchilada Bake this weekend and it was amazing!! I had it with my best friend and husband and we all loved it!


  2. I try to at least bring some portable snacks with me; I hate not knowing what will/will not be available, but it’s hard to pack EVERYTHING, right?!? From the looks of your luggage, I imagine you can understand – ha! 🙂 Hope y’all have a good time this weekend!


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