Eastern Kentucky Family Weekend!

I spent the weekend visiting with family in Prestonsburg, Ky at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

I wanted to get this run done early, so I would have as much time as possible with my family…and breakfast!  I did my long run before leaving town, so I only needed 9 recovery miles.  With the fog, the sunrise looked like a fire.


Sunrise isn’t until 7am. I don’t know how you eastern time zone folks do it!

Luckily I packed my reflector vest and I wore all of my bright clothes in the hopes of not being run over by a coal truck.


Also, I sweated buckets!  The cold front didn’t arrive until Sunday.

Here are a few pics from my run…




My Nana lives downtown, so we just rolled her down to breakfast.  Seeing my my husband with her just warms my heart like you wouldn’t believe.

Even found some oatmeal for breakfast


After breakfast we took a drive around the lake.  It’s such beautiful country!



For an afternoon snack and coffee, we stopped by Lizzy B’s…my favorite find!

Smoothies, coffees, desserts and lots of vegetarian options which is a rarity in an area known for it’s country cookin’.  They even have a veg sandwich called the Happy Hippie:)

And spent the afternoon watching the University of Kentucky Wildcats…when in rome…

Another yummy meal for dinner at the new McGuire’s Brickhouse.



This was a portobello mushroom sandwich on a crossoint bun with crinkled sweet potato fries…SO GOOD!


Followed by a DQ dip!!!  What is it about being in a small town that makes me crave Dairy Queen?


I found this pic in my Nana’s house.  Obviously I wasn’t thrilled at the time, but now…my heart is happy.



I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!


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