Track Tuesday

Dark, foggy, and 100% humidity at the start of today’s track workout.

3.5 mile warm-up


4 mile repeats with 1 minute rest between

2 mile cool down

When the sun finally rose, I glowed like my shoes!


I can’t wait for the cooler weather that is arriving later this week!

So excited to wear this sweatshirt


and I have a crush on these Oiselle pants from today’s fashion show!


Haircut day.  Color and trim.

Goodbye roots…and grays

Salon guilty pleasure


Free weights at home


For dinner, I decided to experiment with this new-to-me black bean pasta.

I made a tex-mex spin on dinner with beans, peppers, tomatoes, corn, cumin…


And, topped it off with some cheese and avocado…tasty!


What are your guilty pleasures? I love all of the Real Housewife shows!
Has the weather cooled off where you live?
What is your speed work this week?


9 thoughts on “Track Tuesday

  1. I can’t wait to see your hair!! And that black bean pasta dish looks so yummy!! I am looking forward to next Tuesday’s Speed Sessioon…NOT because of the workout (800’s..wooof!!) but, because I hope it’s less painful than this morning’s 🙂


  2. No speedwork for me this week due to last week’s fall and having to squeeze in my 20-miler during the week. Makes me sad because there’s nothing I love more than a good track workout 🙂

    Your black bean pasta looks delicious! I’ve actually never heard of that type of pasta but will have to be on the lookout while grocery shopping. Love trying new foods!


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