Steady State

Coffee date to start the day.

Oiselle flystyle.


I broke in my new Saucony Kinvara 5’s. I have loved this shoe so much.  Today’s workout called for a 10 mile Steady State Run with my goal pace being between 8:00-8:10 pace.

The hot wind felt like Mother Nature turned on her hairdryer.  2 more sleeps until the cold front reaches TN!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you feel my excitement?!)



From Runner’s World on Steady State Running…

After warming up for 20-30 minutes, run the workout at a continuous marathon effort. This intensity is somewhere between an easy run and a tempo run. Most runners run the steady state run too hard. It’s designed to be an aerobic workout, not a heavy breathing workout, and to fatigue you with the duration of the run, not the speed. Cool down for 20-30 minutes to make the total run last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Start with 3-4 miles at steady state pace and build to 8-10 miles by adding 2 miles to the steady state run each week. Psychologically, the steady state run develops the mental toughness to stay engaged in the half marathon as you reach the later miles.

Post run juice…yummo!


I did a quick change and headed to Orange Theory for some cross training.

I even biked (thanks to some inspiration from The Hungry Runner Girl)!  Excuse my craptastic action shot.


For lunch, I picked up a giant green smoothie and vegan raw protein bar from The Juice Bar.



My t-shirt du jour…thank you Fleet Feet Nashville!


And, I ended the day with a 5 mile 2nd run with the hubs:)

Both of these found me today.

It’s like the universe is trying to tell me something;)


Style Blueprint sent out a blog today about 10 Tips To Help You Kick Procrastination.

The 2 tips that work best for me are:

1) Use a planner

2) Reward yourself! (Although, I’m learning that my rewards shouldn’t always be food.)

Are you a procrastinator? Which tips work best for you?
Do you do juice cleanses? Are you able to run on those days?


6 thoughts on “Steady State

  1. I am a fantastically notorious procrastinator, but I’ve never NOT gotten it done – ha! I think that I have a tendency to work well under pressure. I have never tried a juice cleanse, but I tried intermittent fasting for awhile and it definitely affecting my energy for running.


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