It’s (almost) fall y’all!


The cooler temps have finally reached Tennessee…cue the hallelujah chorus! It’s long sleeve and shorts weather. Aka the greatest temperature of the year!!


I am very aware that the first day of Autumn isn’t until Sept 23, and I’m doing my best to not rush the seasons.  I am truly a summer lover, but I’m being bombarded with all things pumpkin and I’m starting to crack.

It’s like the universe…or clever marketers are getting me into the autumn spirit a little earlier than usual.


Here are the little ways that the fall fever is creeping into my life.

  • I couldn’t resist the fall flowers at Whole Foods.


  • William Sonoma has pumpkin steel cut oats.


  • I needed to bake some birthday cookies for my Gran. Why not make it a pumpkin recipe?!!  (I’ll try to post this recipe later this weekend…it rocks!)


  • The grocery is selling pumpkins.  I still haven’t bought one yet, but it made me happy to see them.


  • The new Martha Stewart Living arrived in my mailbox.


  • Fall Funny (Confession: I don’t actually like Pumpkin Spice Lattes…I know…crazy!)


  • Pinterest is full of autumnal PINspiration!




Guilty of #5Buy anything that says Pumpkin Spice on it!

I can already check off #10Bake cookies with the KitchenAid

And…#23I want to have  Jack 0’latern carving party!!!


I still haven’t decorated the house or bought mums, but the fall spirit is on it’s way!

Are you in the Fall spirit yet? Do you love all things pumpkin?


12 thoughts on “FALL-elujah!

  1. I think if you were having young kids there it might be a good idea to clean the pumpkins out first, but we usually just tell everyone to BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) and then I buy a bunch of the carving kits for guests to share because that’s been half the fun for us! It does get messy so we try to stay outside and keep lots of trash cans and trash bags handy.

    Your blog is great! I don’t have a lot of running buddies that live close by, so reading about your training and runner life has been a big motivator for me 🙂


  2. I am so ready for fall! The temps this weekend were amazing and I saw some crazy improvements in my pace because of it. I used to love PSL’s but now I loathe them. They are way too sweet and I’d rather just have a coffee with soy and cinnamon dolce. But I do love other pumpkin things and bought the ingredients to make pumpkin muffins today!


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