Pumped Up with Hump Day Humor

Hump Day Humor!


Last night I had the treat of meeting up with these beautiful ladies for dinner at Moto.


My husband wanted to document that I was wearing heels. Note to self: Put on real clothes more often.


Dinner was wonderful.  Baby lettuces.

House made burrata with panzanella.

And trust me on this one…the most incredible blueberry lasagna with wild mushrooms and blueberry balsamic.

I started today with a Perch date and a run.

I went afterward to get my B12 shot.  I get one monthly.  As a vegetarian/often vegan, my B12 levels get low.  Read more about B12 injections HERE.

SO…I always do my long run with a training group on Saturday mornings.  However, this Saturday I will be in RRCA class.  I’ll be doing my 23 miler tomorrow sans group.  I’m trying to mimic my Friday night routine on Wednesday night and it feels so strange.

Pasta dinner which really looks more like cheese dinner.  Browned cheese is the best.


And because my brain doesn’t work at 4am…everything is prepped.


This list, from FitSugar, to pump you up for a workout was just what I needed!
1.  The super early alarm goes off.


2.  You absentmindedly get your morning carbs in.


3.  You give yourself a good pep talk.


4.  You put in your headphones and blast that music.


5.  But you get a little too excited.


6.  So you start to give up again.


7.  Luckily your workout buddies motivate you.


8.  And you finally get into your groove.


9.  Once you’re finished, you feel so accomplished.


10.  So you celebrate your workout victory!


Have you ever moved your long run up? How did it go?
What do you eat the night before your long run?
How often do you wear “real clothes” vs. running clothes?


3 thoughts on “Pumped Up with Hump Day Humor

  1. LOL…my husband tells me I look dressed up when I have jeans on. So apparently I wear workout gear and sweats a little too often. I do dress up for work…apparently that doesn’t count.

    My pre-run prep looks almost exactly like yours…I have the same Amphipod bottle (love it), same Garmin, and Picky Bars!

    I’ve had to move around my long runs before, but its really hard for me to get them done during the week with my work schedule. I have done 20 miles after work before. That was not so fun.


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