Longest Long Run!!

First things first…I just finished my longest long run in my Chicago training cycle…woo hoo!!!!!!!  I was actually really excited for this run and I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it:)


My incredible friends met me at 5am and ran the first 12 with me at 9:20 pace.
I ran the next 11 solo and tried to pick up the pace.
My last mile was at 7:39.
Today’s run gave me the confidence boost that I needed for Chicago.

I can home and drank my cherry juice…great for recovery!


Took an ice bath,


And ate the breakfast of champions: oatemeal with cinnamon and bananas and an English muffin with my Gran’s homemade pear preserves!!!


My friend corrie sent me this hilarious list last night: 15 Things That Only Happen When You’re An Athlete.  It’s just what I needed the night before a long run!

I picked a few of my favorites…

When you talk to your friends/ family after a loss


When my favorite teammates reunite after a break. (Side note: my friends and I do this even if we saw each other yesterday!)


When coach is paying for dinner


When the athletic department distributes the new gear.


When my athletic trainer wants me to do rehab after practice.


When I get in the ice bath.


When I finally get food after practice.


When I’m trying to sleep the night before a death workout.  (This is me the night before a track time trial!)


When my coach finishes his pre-game speech.


How’s your fall marathon training going?  

How far do you run for your longest long run?

What’s your favorite post-run food?


One thought on “Longest Long Run!!

  1. I think my husband is embarrassed by me right now because I’m laughing out loud in the middle of Starbucks and might look a bit like a crazy person. Those are so perfect!

    Great job on the long run! Dang! You’re ready to rock Chicago!!


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