I Can Save Your Life And Build You A Training Plan

My schedule has been so kooky these last few days, but just to recap…

I had to move my long run to Thursday, because I was taking a Red Cross class on Friday and the RRCA Coaching Class on Saturday and Sunday.

I celebrated my long run with Mexican!


Spent all day Friday in this class


With this man.


I am now Adult and Pediatric CPR/ First Aid/ AED certified!  (Please don’t ever make me use my training.  Cool?  Ok.  Good!)

Celebrated with this man! (It totally makes sense to celebrate Red Cross certifications with wine, yes?!)


His and hers


Burger Up Cool Springs


The RRCA Coaching Certification Course! It was such a big deal that we were able to get one here in Nashville.  I’ve been wanting to take this class for a few years, but they were never offered nearby and the classes in desirable locations filled up quickly.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Fleet Feet Nashville for sponsoring and to Chadwick’s Fitness for hosting!!!


Preface: I don’t have any plans to start coaching, but I wanted the knowledge.  I love running, and especially pacing and helping with training groups.

Day 1 Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Coaching History
  • Types of Runners and Their Training Needs
  • Putting it Together with Physiology
  • Types of Running: Building a Periodized Program
  • Coaching Nutrition
  • Conclusions

Celebrated completion of day 1 (I’m detecting a trend)



After eating way too many sweet, snacky foods in class on Saturday, I planned ahead with oatmeal and berries.


Day 2 Agenda:

  • Reflection on Day One
  • The Business of Coaching
  • Coaching: Sports Psychology
  • Building Programs
  • Coaching: Injuries, Heat and Altitude + Running Form
  • Building Programs
  • Conclusions and Next Steps

And bubbles to celebrate completion!!!


I’m worn out. The toughest part was getting a classroom full of runners to sit for two days from 8-5.  It was also a challenge to work my run schedule around theses classes. I had to run two-a-days on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’m really proud of myself for getting the miles in, and I was rewarded Saturday night with this beautiful sunset.


These classes gave me an even greater appreciation for my coaches.  So much work and thoughtfulness goes into helping their athletes.

My next step is to take the final exam.  Wish me luck!

Have you taken the RRCA Coaching Course? What did you think? Are you coaching?
Or, do you want to take it?
Did you run/race this weekend? Tell me all about it!


6 thoughts on “I Can Save Your Life And Build You A Training Plan

  1. I would LOVE to take that course, like you, solely for the knowledge. If they sold that book I would buy it. I bet you learned so much! I ran the Ohio State 4 Miler yesterday, as did my 9 and 11 year olds! Awesome race, although it was the one day lately where it decided to feel like summer again:(


  2. Okay, I work in a hospital and I have it on good authority from a reknowned cardiovascular surgeon that your little red wine habit definitely works in conjunction with your Red Cross training – ha! 😉 It’s good for you, Jennifer! In moderation, of course, he says. Congrats on becoming CPR- certified and in surviving your RRCA course; it sounds very interesting!


  3. Haha! I am CPR/AED/First Aid certified (Its required for my job) but I tell people the same thing, please don’t ever make me use it. The class sounds cool! I’ve thought about taking a similar course, not because I want to actually coach, but just to help myself in my own training!

    Red wine helps after having to sit all day. I think sitting is more exhausting than being active all day.

    Have a great week! 🙂


    • I’m with you, I enjoyed the coaching class for my own training. And, I was so surprised by just own tires I was after class. I’m so glad I don’t have to sit like that every day. Have a wonderful week!!


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