I Passed My RRCA Coaching Exam!!!!!!!!


The Perch breakfast date.


Soy cafe au lait and an apple butter crepe!

With a crepe in my belly and temps in the 50’s…I had a great run!
10 miles with 6×20 sec surges

With a surprise new 10k time. Totally unexpected.

I worked on my RRCA exam for part of the afternoon. 100 questions and it’s no joke.  Luckily they let you work on it at your leisure and save your answers as you  go.

Orangetheory Fitness with Corrie. I’m the dork that wears orange to OTF.

There was a Run Happy theme to today’s clothing:)

Breakfast Club.

We were supposed to run 6 miles, but I messed up and we ran 7. Then they humored me with pic. My friends are the best!

Supa Dupa Fly in my new Oiselle tee!

I finished and passed my RRCA exam!!!
It may have taken me 4 hours and 17 minutes, but I got a 92%!!!!!



How is everyone’s training going for the Fall races?  Are you in taper mode yet?

For the RRCA coaches out there, did the exam take you this long?


9 thoughts on “I Passed My RRCA Coaching Exam!!!!!!!!

  1. Congrats on passing your exam! I’ve never taken the class, I’d like to though. My fall training is going pretty well, I can’t wait to hit Taper mode! It’s my favorite week, haha!


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