Peeing On Myself


This was our coolest temp in months and it showed up just in time for my last group training run before Chicago.

Lots of Saucony Vizi!!


I’m always sad when the training ends. I love the journey so much more than the race.  And, my favorite way to run is pacing a group.  I love that Fleet Feet gives me so many opportunities to pace 🙂

Every time someone uses a search engine that sends them to my site, it shows up on my blog stats page.  Normal searches revolve around running and recipes.  This happened…


I’m not sure what is says about me or the person searching!  FYI: I never know the identity of the person, so if it was YOU, your secret is safe.

I finally bought mums for my front porch.  Lots of yellow for my planters!


After the Depot, we went to Chuy’s for my favorite guacamole taco salad.


We were both worn out and decided to stay in and use our new outdoor fireplace for the first time. I was giddy and bought the jumbo marshmallows for roasting!


Miss Caroline enjoyed the fire, too.


I will now imagine a French Cat every time I read LMAO!



We woke up to this temp…what?!!! Perfect running weather.


I did a nice easy paced run to Puckett’s where my husband met me for breakfast!!


Strawberry goodness on my oatmeal and french toast! (Yes, I ate it all)


We hit the gym together afterwards.


After roasting marshmallows on veggie skewers, we went to REI to up our roasting game…they telescope and turn at the touch of a finger!


Dinner on the Burger Up patio:  Salad with a quinoa burger on top and


Check out Jason’s onion ring tower!


At the Whole Foods we discovered Rambutan.



Of course, I bought one.  It tastes like a sweet grape.


Lastly, we ended the day with a post dinner bike ride through our hood 🙂



Do you love the training or the race more?

Onion rings or french fries?

Did you race this weekend or long run?  Tell me all about it!!!


8 thoughts on “Peeing On Myself

  1. A rambutan?!? Holy cow, that’s crazy! I’d heard of them, but I’ve never seen one – so crazy, right?!? I’m glad you bought one so I’d know what it is – ha! I’m so glad you had a nice weekend; I know next weekend will be quite busy. 😉 Congratulations on your training and on helping those you pace; I think, like you, I enjoy the journey at least as much, if not more, than the race itself. Have a great day!

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  2. I like the training more. I love the race and travel surrounding the race, but overall I love training and that it holds me accountable to my workouts.

    French fries generally, but a good onion ring is hard to beat.

    I’ve always wanted to try a rambutan! I haven’t seen one in person, but have seen them on the Food Network before. Awesome!

    Also, weird that someone was searching for ‘peeing on myself.’ (wasn’t me!)

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