10 Track Tips and I’m Official

First…I’m officially an RRCA Coach…woo hoo!!


Monday night prep for Tuesday Track because my brain doesn’t work in the wee morning hours.


I made a big plate of veggies for dinner.  The Caramelized Brussels Sprouts recipe is HERE!


I woke up to this radar.


So I put everything into plastic bags.



It’s the week of the Chicago Marathon, so this track workout was more of a sanity workout. I wasn’t trying to gain fitness…it just felt good to get my legs moving and see my friends.

4 miles warm-up and drills

6 x 400 (w/400 recovery jog)

1 mile cool down

The rain held off until the very end of our workout!!!

Like a good runner, I am doing my best to follow my Chicago taper schedule.  So, I went to see Gone Girl this afternoon.  I loved the book and I give the movie two thumbs up!


I had some extra pumpkin puree leftover after baking these White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.


I used it to make a pumpkin cream sauce for these oh-so-good raviolis.




I’ve only been running track for a year and half.  I was so intimidated to give it a try, but it has really improved my running.

So…here’s a list of 10 Track Tips to get you started!

1.  Stretch outside of the track.

2.  Unless stated otherwise, runners should run counter clockwise.

3.  The fastest lanes are to the left and the slower lanes are to the right (just like when you’re driving).  I run on the outside lanes for my warm-up and then do my workout on the inside two lanes.

4.  When a faster runner is approaching a slower runner from behind, yell “track” so that the slower runner has plenty of time to move to the right.  This artwork from Cait Chock was just too perfect for this post.  She is a super talented runner, writer, and artist.  I LOVE her t-shirts!!!


5.  If you are running with friends, make sure not to block the track.

6.  Gear.  You don’t need special track spikes.  Your regular running shoes will work.  It’s also nice to bring bottled water or sports drink, a towel for hot workouts, and I like to write down my workout and bring it with me.

7.  Leave your headphones at home or at least leave the volume low enough to hear others.

8.  For most tracks, one lap is 400 meters in lane 1.  Running in the outside lane can add up to 50 meters per lap.

9.  If you’re using a school track, be courtious and plan your workout around the school’s activity schedule.

10.  Recover.  When you finish your track workout, make sure to walk or jog (in an outside lane) to gradually slow your heart rate.


Do you run track?  Have you always or are you new to it?

What are some of your track tips?

Have you seen Gone Girl yet?


7 thoughts on “10 Track Tips and I’m Official

  1. I want to see Gone Girl! I’m planning to go this weekend. I haven’t read the book yet, but at this point I want to wait to read it or I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed in the movie.

    When are you leaving for Chicago?? Good Luck!!


  2. I want to print this and give it to the lady who walks her dog on the track near me. She walks in lane 1 and her dog is on the outside – with the leash stretched across the entire track! GAH!


  3. GOOD LUCK at Chicago, Jen!! Are you hoping for a PR? I’m living vicariously through others (like you!) who are racing this fall – I’m currently on the (very slow) comeback from a tibia stress fracture so I had to scrap my fall marathon plans! Congrats on getting your RRCA certification as well!!


  4. Oh, gosh, I really wish they would post these tips AT the track for new folks who show up to walk/run and then are surprised to find out there are “acceptable” ways to share the track. I do enjoy running at the track, every once in awhile; I’m looking forward to getting back to it when my leg is 100%. Great tips! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your coaching certification!


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