You Are Not A Number.

It is so easy to define myself with a number…my weight, income, paces, etc…When they are good, I’m happy with myself.  When they’re not, I beat myself up.  I noticed yesterday that I was feeling like a loser for not wanting to “race” Chicago.  So, I decided to type out a few of my thoughts…


Weight. Runners tend to be a little obsessive and type A about everything.  It’s easy to obsess over weight. I don’t own a scale anymore, because it was too easy to focus over one pound here and one pound there.  I realized that the number was determining my mood.  Now, I just use my clothes to keep me in line.  If they’re snug…eat less cupcakes.

Salary. I’m blessed to not have to work but sometimes my ego misses my career. Walking away from my job was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  (In my past life I was a creative director for a music publishing company.) Sometimes it’s a blow to my ego when I tell people that I don’t work…as if my worth is tied to an income.

Race Times. I can’t tell you how people have asked me about my goal for Chicago. Answer: enjoy the race, do my best, and have fun. I’ve heard plenty of runner say that they’re afraid to run a race just for fun because others might judge their finish time. What?!! Running is supposed to be fun!

Age.  Today we are celebrating my husband’s 40th Birthday!  He looks and feels like he’s 30.  I used to think 40 was so old, but we’re just getting started!

Social Media. How many followers, friends, stalkers(I kid) do you have?  Do you ever feel down when nobody likes a post, picture, or status update?

Don’t get me wrong, I love data. It pushes me to be better. Maybe just extend some courtesy and grace to those around you. Don’t ask someone’s weight, paces, salary, etc… If they want to share it with you, they will. I hope this doesn’t come across like a soapbox moment…it’s just a reminder that we are not our numbers.

On to the fun stuff…
My Perch is getting into the fall spirit.

Perch Blend Soy Cafe au Lait


I had an awesome taper run.


Please let these legs show up on race day! LOVE this Oiselle tank…fly!


I actually had to slow my roll, and this turtle was the perfect reminder.

When I made this Vegetarian Tortilla Soup a couple of weeks ago, I froze some for later. I heated it up for dinner tonight.

And the hubs surprised me with dessert!



I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we define ourselves by our numbers!  Have you experienced any of the same feelings?

How’s your training going?  Where are you at…taper, peak weeks?


21 thoughts on “You Are Not A Number.

  1. I love you! This post made me so happy…especially the turtle 🙂 I bet he doesn’t care how fast he is or if his shell looks big in certain jeans 😉


  2. I also don’t own a scale anymore. It was just too much for me. Now I’m working on being compassionate about my race times and paces…I’ve had a hard time regaining the fitness I lost in a year of several injuries. When I do feel bad about a number, I just remind myself that it’s one number in one moment of a big life and a complex person.


  3. This is exactly what I needed to hear this week, thank you so much! I have reduced running to the number on the finish clock and I know it is so much more than that.

    Happy Happy Birthday to your husband. You two are adorable. Have a wonderful day celebrating!


  4. Love your perspective! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the numbers and let them define you. I have the same goal for NYC, I just want to run and enjoy the race. There is no reason to feel like you ‘have’ to hit a certain time for it to define your worth.

    I feel the same way about site visits, twitter/instagram followers, etc. It can be hard to not wonder why certain posts get more attention than others and feel hurt by it!

    Hope your husband had a great birthday!!


  5. I am horrible, horrible at all of this; I can totally relate. I’ve put so much importance on the weight I gained and my slowing pace; thankfully, this has drawn attention away from concerns about the number of my age, though – ha! Thank you for sharing this and reminding me that it’s all in my head!

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  6. I really loved this post! The part where you spoke about work, I feel the same way. A lot of my friends work full time and it’s little awkward for me whenever they talk about work and income, since I’m a stay at home mom and all.

    In terms of racing, I definitely needed that reminder that running is supposed to be fun! I have a half in November and I was thinking of not going through with it because my training hasn’t been great. Thank you for this!


  7. I love everything about this post!! What a wonderful reminder that we are not numbers and we shouldn’t live like we are!! Yes, numbers can push us, but it shouldn’t define us to be happy. Thank you for being so candid!!


  8. This post may be one of my favorites. I love how you simply and beautifully presented a points that many people agonize about. I applaud you for your perspective and your honesty. You truly appear to be “choosing joy” and sharing that with so many. Thank you, it made a difference to me!


  9. I just began following you and I’m now going back through your posts. This definitely resonates with me. I still have a scale but never get on it, when I am tempted “just to see”, I remind myself that it just doesn’t matter and whatever the resulting # isn’t going to make me happy- I should just get rid of it. It boggles my mind that their are people that can weigh themselves daily and not go crazy, simply because I would/have gone crazy.

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