Return to Running & Lauren’s Birthday!

First…a huge thank you to everyone for you kind words of encouragement. It means more to me than I can express. I am not an exceptional runner…I just really love running. Thank you for sharing in the joy!!!!

I have another marathon in a month, so I’m doing a reverse taper.  Here’s my training this week.


3 mile walk plus more airport walking.


Sore quads. Rainy day. 3 miles of treadmill walking and lots of upper body weights.

Excited to wear some of my Chicago swag!



6 rainy miles with friends. Slow but felt great…woo hoo! Wanted to run extra but decided to be smart.



In lieu of extra miles, I went to get a crepe instead…priorities:)


Evening Orange Theory Fitness class with lots of time on the bike and rower.


When the hubs is away, the wife will not cook dinner and instead get a tofu taco salad, watch hulu, and eat entirely too many tortilla chips. Such a glamorous life!



Special Breakfast Club run in downtown Franklin with breakfast at Frothy Monkey


to celebrate Lauren’s birthday!!!  Aren’t Alex and Lauren the sweetest couple?!!



5 miles with group this awesome group!




2.5 solo miles afterwards in my new Saucony Kona Kinvaras!


Here are some great tips from Runner’s World on When To Return To Running After A Marathon.

As a general guideline, I suggest taking three to seven days completely off after a marathon. Sleep in, eat, and enjoy your accomplishment! After that, begin an active recovery program. Active recovery includes light exercise and even some running, if you are not sore. “Light” exercise means exercising at a low intensity level, i.e., no more than 60-65% of your max heart rate for a relatively short duration, less than 60 minutes. Activity actually helps you recover faster than inactivity because it promotes circulation. Good circulation delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to muscles and carries away metabolic waste and, therefore, aids healing and recovery. Walking, running, riding a bike, stretching, or swimming for 30 to 60 minutes at low intensity will promote circulation and assist your recovery. Massage therapy and foam rolling can also help relieve muscle soreness and assist recovery by increasing the body’s circulation too.

Where are you at in your training?  Taper, Recovering, Long Runs?

Do you run with groups?  Why or why not?

Favorite Breakfast?  Mine is obviously oatmeal!


11 thoughts on “Return to Running & Lauren’s Birthday!

  1. You got the yellow hat! I’m jealous, I saw it, circled around to grab something else while I thought about it, and when I returned they were all gone! Gotta think fast in the Nike store pre-marathon 🙂

    I’ve yet to run, just lots of walking so far this week but going to test out the legs this weekend!


  2. It’s about time for the lovely peak week for my training 😁
    Group runs are the best! I always look for a pace group during a race, the company only makes it that much sweeter.
    Favorite breakfast is a runny egg and avocado sandwich, yum!
    Congratulations again on your race!


  3. I don’t think I realized you’re in Nashville! We were there in May and fell in love with it (live in Atlanta, but we loved the balance of city to small town there). Ate breakfast a few times at Frothy Monkey. We’ll be heading back there in February for dinner with vegan chef Isa Moskowitz who’s touring the country- you should totally look into it!!

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