The Russian Returns & Leading A Group Run


6 Miles with girlfriends

Followed by an Orange Theory Fitness Class.  It was strength day…my favorite!


I baked a batch of Chewy Oatmeal Scotchies as a thank you gift for my physical therapist…I’ll type up the recipe this week!


I met my husband for dinner at J’s.  We shared the grilled artichokes,


and a flatbread,


before heading to the Trail Running Film Festival by Rainshadow Running.


It was a sold out show here in Nashville.  Check the link above to see if it’s coming to your city!  The films, the courses they cover, and the runners, left me wanting to push the limits of my distance running.  Truly awe inspiring!


I loved seeing all of the Ultra Dirtbag Swag!



This week’s track workout was The Russian!  When I searched for images before sending the workout to our group, this crazy guy in the bottom left appeared and cracked me up/ scared me a little.  Perfect for The Russian!  Rayna even brought her own hat to the track…my friends rock!


My workout:

4.5 mile warm-up/ strides

3 x 300m (1:07 goal) with 60 second recovery between (My actual splits: 1:08, 1:08, 1:07, 1:07, 1:06, 1:07, 1:07, 1:07, 1:03)

800m recovery jog between each set

Repeat 3 times

1 mile cool down


After track, I headed over to The Juice Bar for my favorite green smoothie.


The Flying Monkey Marathon poster preview came out.  Fear is setting in.


I delivered the thank you cookies:)


These are a few of my favorite things…


And made a new recipe for dinner: Autumn Wild Rice with Kale and Caramelized Sweet Potato.   We loved it!  If y’all want the recipe, I’ll type it up:)


Lastly, here in Nashville we’re getting ready for Spring Marathon Training…can you believe it?!  Fleet Feet has a huge training group and they’ve been organizing pace leaders.


Here are some Guidelines For Leading A Group Run:

1.  Know the route using a GPS or mapping tool

2.  Outline the distance for the run and make sure it aligns with the goal of the group.  If your group has runners doing several distances, know good points for runners to break off to hit their desired mileage.

3.  Have current CPR and First Aid Certifications

4.  If you have a large group, determine whether you need a permit to run.  Try staggering the group start times to possibly avoid the need for a permit.

5.  For a large group, recruit key pace leaders and help runners identify their appropriate group.

6.  Setup water stations along the route.  Make sure to have enough water to support the size of the group.

7.  Designate a back of the pack runner/ sweeper who will carry a cellphone.  They can insure that all runners finish the training run and can call if they come upon an emergency.

8.  Make sure you have a name and emergency contact information for each runner.

9.  Have a sign in/out sheet for each group run.

10.  Make sure that the group follows the “rules of the road.”  Use sidewalks, run on the left side of the road, obey all traffic laws, etc…

11. Encourage the group to wear reflective clothing, especially if running in the dark.

12.  Never leave behind an injured runner.  Allow the group continue with their workout while you stay with the runner and call for help.

13.  Consider organizing a post-run social event: coffee, breakfast, etc… Most runner’s join a group for the social component!

These rules are paraphrased from the RRCA Guidelines.  Click HERE to see the full list.

Have you ever been a pacer during a race or training group?  It’s my favorite way to run!

Favorite cookie?  Mine is a molasses cookie that I bake during Christmas.


13 thoughts on “The Russian Returns & Leading A Group Run

  1. I am a marathon coach with Fleet Feet Tulsa and I love it! No other way to train for a marathon, or run, in my opinion. 🙂 The wild rice and sweet potato recipe looks amazing!! I’d love to try it!

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