Welcome to the Weekend!



I hope you guys have had a wonderful week!

Here’s a look at my last few days.  (Does that sound like I’m dying?)  Anyways…you get the idea!


I had a crepe and coffee at The Perch…


with Oprah.


Afterwards, I met Laurie and Malin at Percy Warner Park to run the 11.2 mile loop.  I am loving this weekly run, but it kicks my butt every time.


I’ve been doing this weekly run to prepare for the Flying Monkey Marathon next weekend (that’s crazy close)!   The race director (@monkeytrent) loves to remind us that you can’t train for the Monkey.  He sent out a pic of the medal.


The big story in Nashville this week was Taylor Swift’s photobomb.  She was running in Percy Warner Park (same as above), saw a family having their portraits taken, and asked if she could join in.  First, that’s super sweet of her.  Second, who looks this good while running?!


Maybe I should start fixing my hair and wearing red lipstick just in case I happen upon a photo shoot.


My super awesome friend, Corrie, is racing Richmond this weekend.  I made a good luck bag for her trip:)



I met up with the Breakfast Club for 6 cold miles


Followed by, you guessed it…breakfast:)


While we were freezing our buns off, we talked about how good warm sweatpants would feel.  This happened when I got home.  Nothing like putting pajama pants on after you shower in the middle of the day!


Cookie update:  I know you’re dying to know!  I haven’t had a single chocolate chip cookie this week!!!  I’ve been drinking the chocolate Shakeology for my sweet snack and I’m really proud of myself.  Luckily, I really like the taste! #thestruggleisreal


Is anyone else super excited to see the Starbucks Christmas mugs on display?!!  It makes me so happy!



This was our coldest day so far…



My legs were stiff and it was so hard to get my butt out the door.  It definitely wasn’t an exceptional run, but sometimes it’s all about logging the miles.  Click HERE to read my Cold Weather Running Tips!


Thanks to Rachel for this great reminder…


Question: After that run, I went out to buy a new winter hat.  Do you call it a hat or a toboggan?  I realize that a toboggan is a sled to most, but in the south it’s a winter hat.

Do you wear makeup when you run?

Are you racing/ long run this weekend?  Share!


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend!

  1. I call it a toboggan too! I guess it is a southern thing. My husband is from South Dakota and calls it a hat. He’s never heard of it being called a toboggan. And I never wear makeup when I run unless it’s right after work.

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  2. I’m from Nashville too! I saw that news story, but I think she was just walking/hiking in Percy Warner, not actually running.. Haha. Are you doing the Bolt on Thanksgiving?

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