Track Tundra


We got our first “snow” during my morning run!!  8 miles.  (I know to a lot of you this is humorous, but I still get excited!)


After my run I took an Orange Theory Fitness class.  It’s such a fun way to cross train!

While I was out running errands, I discovered Toe Warmers!  How have I never seen these?  I haven’t tried them yet.  I wonder if they work while running or if they just get in the way?

For dinner, I heated some Tortilla Soup that I froze a few weeks ago.

Before bed, I did my first PiYO Core workout.  If I diligently do these dvd’s, will my abs look like hers?


And prepped for Tuesday Track…


Track Tuesday:

I knew it would be cold and it was!


I know it’s a cold one when I bust out the Wrightsock Double Layer Socks!  I wrote about them on my 10 Cold Weather Running Tips and Fave Gear List.


I wondered if anyone would show up, and thankfully Michael, Corrie, Shyla, and Alex were crazy enough to do speed work with me!!!

5 mile warm-up

8 x 600m (200 recovery jog)

Goal: 2:32  Actual: 2:34, 2:33, 2:33, 2:32, 2:32, 2:30

1 mile cool down

It was such a tough workout for me today.  I was working really hard and my legs just didn’t want to turnover.  Maybe it was from the cold weather.  At least I got out there, but it definitely didn’t help my confidence.


Last week, I wrote about my new favorite Hot Apple Cider Tea.


Well now, I’ve stepped it up and added some Mulling Spices.  IT IS SOOOO GOOD!

I was called out by to #stopdropandselfie on Instagram.  I still haven’t mastered this selfie thing.


For dinner, I made a kitchen sink salad…


pumpkin ravioli…


and a chocolate Shakeology shake! (I made it with dark chocolate almond milk and ice.  It’s SO good!)  Also, I’ve gone over a full week without my beloved vegan chocolate chip cookies!!


Must Read from Zelle:  Jenn Thompson, an ultra-runner, was bitten twice by a prairie rattlesnake while running leaving her fighting for her life.  I’ve been following her story for a while now and I am in awe of her determination to run again.


Have you done the PiYO workouts?  Thoughts? 

What’s your healthy alternative for your sweet tooth?

What’s your favorite cold weather dinner?  Right now, I’m craving grilled cheese and tomato soup!


19 thoughts on “Track Tundra

  1. First of all, your selfie is awesome! Second, you’re making me want to make my own ravioli now. I really want some of that pumpkin ravioli! Third, it’s damn cold out and I’m not quite ready for these freezing temps yet! I still need to get my wardrobe together!! And finally, you hit it right on the dot with the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo for cold weather: that’s my favorite too!!! That, or maybe some baked mac & cheese. I’m sensing a cheesy pattern here… 😀

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  2. No worries Jen I think you are still a total rock star and that workout was in actuality quite impressive when you consider the elements you had to deal with. I’ve got to get on this Pumpkin Ravioli train it seems that all the “cool kids” are eating them haha lol 🙂 favorite cold weather food … that would be chili. There is nothing better to me than a hearty bowl of chili and cornbread on the side on a cold day 🙂

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  3. Jen, my track Tuesday workout seemed weird, as well; I think I was just too frozen – ha! I felt like I was going fast, but my legs just didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the rest of my body; so cold. I have the entire PiYo set and have yet to get through them all; I think when I’m finished with my current training cycle (and my first marathon!), I will begin to incorporate them more consistently. I hope you enjoy them! I have been eating tons of soup…can’t get enough! Thanks for a great post!

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  4. Okay I feel like we are twins.
    Just saw that you linked back to your post about 10 tips for running in the cold – haha!
    And I just posted that ‘air hurts my face’ cartoon to IG yesterday!
    Great minds think alike… 😉

    Also – those pumpkin ravioli look delicious!

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  5. I love the PiYo workouts. I like how they focus on strength and flexibility. It has helped with my running. I enjoy running in the cold. However, I can’t stay out too long since my sweat makes me colder. Today’s run was a warm 19 degrees out. Much better than the 2 degrees earlier this week.

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  6. I need to try those toe warmers! My toes are always first to go when we play in the snow.

    Haven’t tried Piyo but I’ve heard great things!

    Healthy alternative for my sweet tooth is apple and PB!

    My favorite cold weather dinner is definitely soup! I love tortilla soup and tomato soup. And basically any soup.

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  7. Way to go for heading to the track despite the weather! There is nothing better than the slow thaw after a cold run (or quick heat shock of a hot shower:) ) And you take gorgeous selfies!!! My current cold weather cravings include hot tea lattes, lentil soup and spiked apple cider.

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  8. I do unsweetened applesauce when I’m wanting something to satisfy my sweet tooth that is at least somewhat healthy.

    I love cold weather runs once I I’ve been moving for about 10-15 minutes, its hard to get out of my nice warm bed and out the door though!

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