The Friday Five

1.  The Asics Storm Shelter Jacket.  I bought this jacket at Fleet Feet a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure how often I’d really wear it.  I have lived in it!  Even through the recent polar vortex (slight exaggeration), I’ve worn it and stayed warm.

Seam-sealed, fully-lined, Waterproof zipper, Removable hood with adjusters, Zippered body vents, 360 degree 3M reflectivity, Thumbholes on Lycra wrist gaiters.  

I bought mine in white, but I didn’t know that pink was available…so cute!




2.  You Fresh Naturals Coco-Nut Butter– This is my favorite nut butter!


– Paleo Friendly
– Gluten Free
– Non GMO
– Vegan (except the added protein Coco-Nut Butters)
– Contain No preservatives or artificial ingredients
– Free of wheat
– Naturally sweetened

As you can see, I keep my pantry stocked!  If I had to choose, Maple Vanilla is my favorite flavor!


3.  I picked up my new Ultra Dirtbag Hoodie from The North Face today and I LOVE it!!!

4.  I’m getting so excited for Christmas!!

5.  Stop whining.  Monkey’s don’t whine.  The Flying Monkey Marathon is this Sunday…eek!!  I’m using it as a training run for an upcoming ultra, but it’s such a tough course and I’m getting nervous.  PLUS, there’s 100% chance of thunderstorms!  The RD sent this email today…



Thanks to Valerie Fowler for these soggy monkeys…





11 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. I’m looking for a light, rain jacket. I have never owned one, in my running career. Does Jason like nut butter as much as you? Does he eat the same/different than you? I’m asking this because I think you put in more miles than he does. Finally, I receive the Flying Monkey updates via FB and I have met Trent. He was the DR for one of my kids at a clinic I visited once. I HAVE GOT TO DO THAT RACE. 🙂 -Liz

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    • The storm shelter is great but its warmer than i expected…definitely better for the cold. We eat all of the same meals, but overall i probably eat a little cleaner than he does. I snack more than he does. Im always hungry! Trent’s emails are hilarious! Im surprised you havent already run the monkey!


  2. Oh, my gosh, Jen. Well, I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday and cheering you on from here; sounds like some tough conditions, but I have no doubt you’re going to do great! And…what a fantastic “war” story, right? 😉 You’ll be ready to take on anything after this, girl!

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