Meet Your 2015 Fleet Feet CMM Pacers!


I joined the Run 4 Others group for my long run.


Followed by….wait for it…oatmeal.  I am loving pomegranate arils right now!

We decorated our Christmas tree which makes me so stinkin’ happy!  The star has a little lean to it, but so did we after drinking wine.


Best mail day…ever.


USMC Bootcamp.  This was our pitiful attempt at a group pic.


This workout was all about running stairs…


and this hill.


We were so happy to survive!!


Just another reason why Corrie rocks!



8 miles.  Nothing special…just doing the work.  Followed by PiYo Drench.


We had our 2015 Fleet Feet Country Music Marathon Pacer Kick-Off Party…that’s a lot of words, and a lot of awesome people!

If you want to train with these folks, click HERE to sign up!


And this one is for our awesome Brooks rep, Drew Jones, because “I never wear Brooks!”  Brooks is sponsoring the CMM and our training program…GO BROOKS!


For your Christmas viewing pleasure…


What’s your favorite Christmas movie? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

If you celebrate Christmas, is your tree up?

Do you use colored lights or white lights?


12 thoughts on “Meet Your 2015 Fleet Feet CMM Pacers!

  1. My tree is up! We use white lights, which I prefer, but maybe when we have kids we will do colored lights (or a small tree with colored lights?). Favorite Christmas movie is it’s a Wonderful Life, I watch it on Christmas Eve every year. Love it.

    I also love watching all the ABC Family and Lifetime Christmas movies. I know they are all basically the same story and same outcome, but I love them anyway!

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  2. I love all of the Christmas specials, Jen! Thank you for posting this list; I was going to look for it last week and forgot. My tree is up, all white lights, and I think “The Family Stone” is my favorite Christmas movie right now; I’ve watched it every year since it was released and I can’t miss it! I’m so excited you’ll be a pacer for the CMM; I’d love to have you as a pacer!

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  3. Hooray for Boston! Exciting! I’ve been wanting to buy the PiYo DVD set… look like a tough workout (and I’m obsessed with Chalene Johnson). Favorite Christmas movie is probably The Holiday.. just love it! Have a great day 🙂

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