100% Chance of Run

Here’s my monthly and annual mileage update with one of my favorite race pics from the Flying Monkey Marathon🙂  It feels good to have another month in the books!


Track Tuesday.

Prep the night before…


Woke up to cold rain.


I put my stuff in ziploc baggies and hit the track.


I arrived early to get in some extra miles and felt a little nuts running alone in the dark, in the rain, in circles.  Luckily my friends joined me!

Here’s my before shot.  I may have been delaying the rainy run by taking a selfie.  Scroll down to see my after…


The workout:

4.5 mile warm-up

4 x 1200m (400 recovery jog)

(with the first 800m at tempo pace and the last 400m at 5k pace)

1 mile cool down

It wasn’t my greatest workout.  At one point we just started laughing at ourselves, because we were so wet.  It’s hard to run fast when you have squishy shoes.


Here’s my after shot…


My husband must love me…even though I look like that, because I came home to another awesome post-it.  Obviously, I married him for his artist abilities.


The rain never let up.  Luckily I put Body Glide everywhere.


Whenever I’m putting Body Glide on everything, I think of the Frank’s Red Hot Commercial!  Has anyone else seen these?  Body Glide—–>hot sauce.  It makes sense in my mind!


And it was the ultimate test for my favorite Asics Storm Shelter Jacket.  If it’s possible, I love it even more after today’s workout.  My tank that I wore under the jacket stayed dry.  Amazing!


Obviously I got distracted while working on this post…





And this is completely unrelated, but my friend Corrie gave me the most aweome mug to celebrate the Flying Monkey Marathon!!!


Do you ever do your speed workouts on the treadmill or do you prefer the track?  I avoid the treadmill at all costs.

Do you wear any special rain gear?

Do you keep track of your mileage?  How was your November?

Any tips for warming up after a cold, wet run?  My goosebumps wouldn’t go away even in a hot shower.  Shaving on top of goosebumps is not fun.


32 thoughts on “100% Chance of Run

  1. I learned how to run on the treadmill a few years ago when I was really sick. I actually enjoy it now and it does help me mentally to tolerate the distance. Good for you for getting out there and running in the rain! I love running in the rain (as long as it isn’t too cold), it’s so fun!

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  2. I live in England, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a least 1 or 2 rainy runs per week. I used to hate it but now the rain kind of powers me on. Plus I really love the look my friends give me when I say I went for a run in the pouring rain!! Love your marathon picture, you look so happy 🙂

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  3. Most of my speed workouts are on the dreadmill unfortunately. Almost every track as far as the eye can see around here is under lock and key with “no trespassing” signs 😦 but I do prefer the oval office for speed intervals when I can use it. How to warm up post wet run hmmm … try an Epsom bath. It feels super yummy and help post workout inflammation. And all the meme’s in this post are awesome Jen!!! Haha lol 🙂

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  4. Love the running in the rain quotes!! I was just joking this morning about how I didn’t need to shower after my run since I was so soaked. Would you mind if I repost them sometime? This is seecollrun from Instagram 🙂

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  5. Holy crazy miles! You are a machine!! And even more so for running in the rain. I feel like the treadmill is actually my safety net. If I’m really not feeling the weather, I prefer to knock out my run on the treadmill. I LOVE doing speed workouts on the treadmill because I feel like I have so much more control (and less resistance) but I am trying to get myself out to the track more often now. I’m a little slower on the track than the treadmill so it’s a little frustrating and quite honestly I prefer running on the treadmill in the same place than running in circles. I know that makes no sense but I guess it’s because I can change the settings of the treadmill if I want…and a track is just flat…no change whatsoever except for maybe running around in the other direction?? Haha


  6. Jen, sometimes we just have to get it done, right? GAH! I run in the rain whenever I have to; I definitely do NOT attempt speedwork on the treadmill – track it is! I will wear a light rain jacket (I’ve been lusting over that new Asics one at my local running shop), but that’s all; one year I bought a whole Asics rain suit (pants & jacket) and then never even wore them – ha! I get too hot in all that stuff. Warming up is definitely tough, though…nothing seems to help. I’m so glad you toughed it out, girl! I managed 143 miles for November; you’re doing AWESOME! Thanks for the great post!

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  7. I’m looking for a good rain jacket for running in warm rainy weather…living in LA and I just want something think to keep me dry, but don’t need extra warmth…do you have any suggestions?

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  8. You’re hilarious!! I’m loving all the meme’s! I also try to avoid the treadmill as much as possible! I had to run in the rain the other day and my shoes were so heavy!! I felt like I had weights in my shoes! Lol!

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  9. Your mileage is incredible! How does your body handle all that–as in, are you sore all the time? Do you take rest days? Sorry for the 20 questions, just interested. No injuries, hopefully! I definitely track my mileage:) 173+ for November.

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