The Friday Five

1.  Big thanks to my friend Alex for introducing me to Dress My Run!!  If you’ve used the What To Wear site from Runner’s World, you have to check your weather and then enter the conditions onto their site.  Dress My Run automatically pulls up your local weather conditions…saving you a step!!


2.  Oiselle Moto Lesley Tights.  They’re soft (lined with a light brushed fleece), fit really well, and they’re cute!


3.  After hearing and reading great reviews, I’m finally listening to the Serial podcast.  They announced that there will be a season 2, so it’s a great time to start listening.  I’m hooked!


4.  I love all things elephant, so I had to buy this iphone 6 cover from Lilly.


5.  Thanks to the Athletarian (love her blog!) for introducing me to the Thug Life Shirts!!  I want them all!!!




Happy Friday!!


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