Memphis Bound

So, I made a last minute decision to run the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. I was registered for the half.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after running the Flying Monkey Marathon just two weeks ago. I still have heavy legs (read…I’ll be slow), but I’m looking forward to the distance.  I’m using it as a training run for my upcoming ultra.

3 marathons in 7 weeks.  This is first for me!

So with that said…I haven’t tapered.


My fave crepe breakfast at the Perch!


Followed by 11 miles with these beautiful ladies!  This run in Percy Warner Park was part of the Flying Monkey Marathon course.  It felt like I was returning to the scene of the crime!



A rainy run with The Breakfast Club…followed by breakfast (of course)!


I also did some PiYo DVD’s afterwards.


Memphis Bound…in the rain.  Thank goodness it’s not raining like this on race day!!


Jason loves when I do this…


Lunch at J Alexander’s in Germantown for magical cornbread croutons and a veggie burger.  The croutons aren’t on the menu…just ask for them.  Now!



We hit up the expo…


Where I had to buy some St. Jude swag!  The Run TN shirt is from Fleet Feet🙂


We checked into the Peabody.  It’s always so pretty at Christmas.  And, big BONUS: you can walk to the start and finish line from the hotel:)  No race morning parking fiascos!!



I knew I’d need to rest, so I brought our Christmas cards with me and FINALLY finished addressing them!


St. Jude Heroes are invited to the Pasta Party.  You receive quite the greeting!!



It’s not too late to give!  Click HERE to make a donation 🙂


We joined our Run 4 Others friends for dinner.


And listened to some remarkable first hand accounts of the many ways St. Jude provides care for children with cancer for NO CHARGE to their families.  This race is about so much more than running.

Have you ever made a last minute decision to run a marathon?  How did it go?

What’s your favorite weather to race in?

When you travel for a race, does that change how you eat before a race?


14 thoughts on “Memphis Bound

  1. I eat pretty well the same before any of my races. I have to travel for most any race I do, so I’m used to it at this point!

    I like it when it is in the low 40s at the start. Cool, but not so cold that i won’t warm up during the run either. If i’m just out for a run, i like running in the rain; I think its fun!

    Have fun and good luck!

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  2. Whenever I race and can eat at home, I have my usual oatmeal with peanut butter and a banana. In a hotel, that’s harder to come by, if there is no place to cook the oats. For races on the road, I stick with a banana, and some Picky Bars. And coffee of course!

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  3. I had signed up for the Seattle full marathon and then after a night of partying (a bunch of us went down there on a road trip) I decided in the morning to just run the half (which started 45 minutes before the full). But then when I was running, I felt fine! So I asked the course marshal if I could just do the full course and she shrugged and said sure. I quickly figured out while I was all alone out there that I would soon be passed by all the elite marathoners and sure enough, I had to step off the course and let them blow by me. It was SO AWKWARD. So extremely embarrassing! This was years ago, but I am still traumatized. I’m so ditzy! The queen of ditz.

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  4. Love that you are a St. Jude Hero! I am running the Country Music Half in April as a Hero! It is an incredible journey to run for something bigger than yourself. I hope to run the St. Jude Marathon one day soon (when finals aren’t on the same week!) Have a great time, can’t wait for the recap!

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  5. I’ve never done a last-minute marathon, that’s gutsy. And 3 in 7 weeks – if you haven’t already signed up to Marathon Maniac you should!

    LOVE the Peabody decorations. We’ve stayed at and visited the one in Orlando, but not at the holidays. Do they have the ducks there?

    Hope you’ve already had a great race by this time!

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