The Rock ‘n’ Roll Team & 84 Miles

It’s been a full (peak mileage) week, so let’s catch up…


Met up with the Breakfast Club on a cold, rainy morning for a run.  Apparently we really like our Asics Storm Shelter Jackets!


Found this quote:


I mentioned in an earlier post that I was one of the Top 50 Fleet Feet customers.  I was just excited to be on the list.  Well guess what?!!  I received a 20% off card that’s good for one year…woo hoo!!!


I had to get creative with my long run this week.  My schedule called for 8 miles on Friday and 20 miles on Saturday.  I’m super disciplined about sticking to my plan, but the holidays can be tricky.  So…


15 miles.  Some days are just tough.  I can tell that I’m nearing the end of 50k training.


Followed by PiYo Core.  When it comes to cross training right now, low-impact is my friend!

My family Christmas dinner party was Friday night.  My step-dad hosts it and it’s always a special night with family and friends that I’ve know my whole life.


The dinner menu:


Of course we took Veuve in a fun faux fur bag from Restoration Hardware🙂


And, most importantly…my hot date.



13 miles with friends.  (Instead of the scheduled 8 and 20, I ran 15 and 13.  At least I got my miles in.)

My paperwhites are in full bloom and smell amazing!



USMC Bootcamp in downtown Nashville.  It was so cold and the workout always kicks my butt!  BUT…today I overcame my fear of the box jump!!!


Total Weekly Mileage: 84.  It’s not the most I’ve ever run, but I think the cumulative effect of three marathons in a row has caught up with me.  This next week starts my two week taper and I’m looking forward to fresh legs!

Sunday inspiration.


Now for some super fun, exciting news!!  I was selected to run for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Team: Rock ‘n’ Blog!!!!  I get to select which Rock ‘n’ Roll races I’d like to run in exchange for sharing the experience with you.  Now the tough part…choosing my races!  I’d LOVE your opinion!!


Which Rock ‘n’ Roll races have you run?  Recommendations for me?  I’ve run Nashville and San Diego.

Do you ever adjust your training plan or do you stick to it?  Obviously, if you’re injured you make adjustments.  I very rarely change mine.

Are you afraid of box jumps, too?  I was so proud of myself for finally doing them!!!

What’s your highest weekly mileage ever? Mine was somewhere in the low 90’s.


27 thoughts on “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Team & 84 Miles

  1. I’m still afraid of box jumps. I always think I will fall. Have you ever considered doing a house tour? Your house is amazing – your taste is classic! And I’d love some inspiration. Can’t wait to read about your ultra race. Can’t imagine. These days I’m lucky to finish a half.

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  2. True story: my husband and I’s first big fight was about box jumps. I was too scared to do them and he started saying I needed to face my fears….i was NOT happy! Hahaha!

    So cool about Rock n’ Roll! I did Washington DC and Dallas — both were SUPER fun!

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  3. That’s one beastly week Jen well done chica!!! You’re AMAZING!!! My highest mileage week isn’t even within sniffing distance of yours. My highest mileage week ever was 54 when I trained for my debut marathon. With the 5K being my specialty distance I usually go no higher than 45-49 and that’s on peak weeks for a goal race. With 4 munchkins and other family obligations I have to adjust my training at times to accommodate those responsibilities. But for the most part I can stick to the plan because I do my training early mornings or late evenings. Okay speedsta I’ve been meaning to ask you this question for some time and keep for getting. Who is the photographer that takes all those action photos of you running? hahaha lol 🙂 A 20% discount card NICE!!! That’s a total score 🙂 and congrats on the Rock -n- Roll gig missy!!! 🙂

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  4. I have only done the Portland & Seattle Rock & Roll races. They are good ones, but I have always thought their international races (Nice!) would be pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see what you choose! Congrats on being selected to their team!

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  5. Congratulations on a great week and the RnR honor! I’m going to suggest Las Vegas for a completely unique experience and while I do live in Texas and LOVE the city of San Antonio, it’s not my favorite marathon so it might be one to skip in your consideration. I’m still working on my fear of box jumps 🙂 and my highest mileage week was 52.

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  6. Hang in there, girl…you’re going to do SO great in your 50K! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas party; you and Jason look absolutely lovely. Congratulations on RnR – that is fantastic! I’ve had a few local folks sing the praises of the New Orleans & Vegas races…food for thought. 😉 I’m with you on tinkering with the training schedule; I rarely do it, but sometimes, for sanity’s sake, it must be done. I think you made a great choice. Have a wonderful Monday!

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  7. Well, next time i can get out & run with you and Corrie , I will have to wear my new Asics storm shelter jacket too !! and funny i bought it in black and so it looks like we will all be different colors 🙂 I have not been able to run in 2 weeks , but been to chiro, PT, and massage and was able to run 3 on sat and 3 on sunday but on the treadmill so i still have yet to wear my new jacket!! I did the Rock n Roll Seattle half marathon last summer and it was Fantastic- i recommend it…great weather and beautiful scenery. Rayna

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  8. I’m definitely more of a stickler about my training. I like to keep in line with my plan. Now that I’m not training for a race for the next couple months, I am more flexible…as long as I still get the total I want at the end of the week!

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  9. I’ve done Phoenix, Seattle and Denver. Seattle is my favorite of the three! Congratulations, that’s so fun!

    84 miles!? Wow! I’m struggling to fit in my runs at all the last week or so with the holidays! There never seems to be enough time!

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  10. Yay! Congrats on Team Rock N Blog – I’m also on the team for 2015 🙂 It will be such fun to do all the races and meet fellow bloggers on the team. Do you have any races on your calendar yet?

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