Mostly Silent Saturday

13 miles.  Started in the dark and finished in the sunshine!






Ended at the beach…


And met the hubs at Another Broken Egg for breakfast!



Took some time to enjoy our balcony:)


View from our table at lunch.  This doesn’t suck.


Sugar Shak ice cream at the beach is mandatory.


And, a pic before dinner:)



What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  Today, I had cake batter!

Vacation running…yay or nay?  Obviously, I love running on vaca.

Have you gone back to work or do you have some time off?


11 thoughts on “Mostly Silent Saturday

  1. Favorite ice cream flavor hmmm it’s a toss up between red velvet and cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, or red velvet. That’s a hard decision Jen haha lol! 😛 and definitely ya on vacation running!!! There’s nothing like a rave run in a new location 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a wonderful vacation!
    Favorite ice cream… chocolate chip cookie dough
    Run on vacation…Definitely YES! I feel like its not vacation if I don’t get a run in and check out the area.
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  3. On our honeymoon last year we went to Pinnochio’s on Sanibel Island for Sanibel Krunch, and this year on our anniversary we went back to get it again! But I still think my favorite flavor of all time is chocolate peanut butter.

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