Weekend Wrap-Up


First things first, pour a cup of coffee and let’s catch up:)


Like many of you, we had some cold weather in Nashville.


I saw this little gem floating around social media.  Crass…yes.  Hilarious…yes.




My heart is always happy when I meet up with The Breakfast Club!


Followed by some time on the Devil Bike.  That’s my pet name for the stationary bike while my Achilles heals.



The devil bike is relatively new to me. I’m pretty sure this is an example of what NOT to do…

In my defense, that hill was kicking my butt!


I made this yummy PB&J smoothie!  It has frozen berries, Vega Bodacious Berry Smoothie Mix, Chobani Greek Yogurt, a splash of almond milk, and Coco-Nut Butter…SO GOOD!



It was cold!


I was so excited for to kick-off Country Music Marathon Training with my Fleet Feet group!  Pacing is my favorite way to run:)



Here’s a post on Reasons to Train with a Group and another on Guidelines for Leading a Group Run.

Followed by some core work…


I finalized my Rock N Roll Marathon Series Races.


I wanted to do so many of them, but these are the races that worked for my schedule: Country Music, Virginia Beach, and Vegas Baby!


While recovering, I’m running less and thought this was a great time to try my hand at pull-ups.  Guess what, I can’t even do a chin up.  I’m sure you’re shocked.  Here’s my first attempt (with a boost) and yes I was stuck.


I’m inspired to get a pull-up bar for my house, because obviously I have my work cut out!

And I ended the day with a slice of chocolate cake from Whole Foods!!


Do those door frame pull up bars work?

Can you do a chin up or pull up?  Tips?

Do you make smoothies at home?  What’s your favorite?

What was the peak and pit of your weekend?  Peak: Getting to pace the marathon training group!  Pit: My Achilles still hates me.



15 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. ohhh yummy chocolate cake!!! Looks like you had a busy jam-packed week Jen. I love all the different ways you are keeping yourself busy and fit through your injury. Poo on that Achilles chica! I can’t wait until we are both completely 100% again for real!!! This is getting old!!! And yes, I can do pull-ups but I have no real secrets just continue to work at it you’ll get better.

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  2. Oh and regarding your smoothie question … yes I love smoothies and do make them at home. I’ve gotten away from it over the last couple months and need to get back to it. I love trying different combos with smoothies but I love using peanut butter as one of my main ingredients. 🙂

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  3. Your pictures made me laugh! I love the warning about Sunday turning into Monday. No, I can’t do a chin up. And for smoothies, I love green ones because I don’t ever eat enough vegetables; it’s easier to drink them. Orange juice, blueberries, frozen kale. That’s it! Nothing special.

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  4. We have a pull up bar that uses pressure points to stay up, so you can move it to different doors and not put holes in your wall. I was skeptical at first but it really does work! I still can’t do a pull up though! That’s one of my new years goals, I just want to be able to do ONE by the end of the year!

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  5. I, too, have been spending quality time with the devil bike and devil elliptical. I made it my goal to do one pull-up last year and did it by hanging a pull-up bar in my bathroom. Every time I went in I had to try at least one!

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  6. I have a pull up bar in my home gym. I did my first pull up two years ago at the community gym. I was so excited, I jumped up and down! The pull up assist tubing helps some. But practice, practice, practice and you will do it!

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  7. This picture of you, “stuck” on the chin-up bar, is priceless! That would definitely be me – ha! 😉 I’m so excited to hear that you’ve made your race selections for the Rock ‘N’ Roll series; you’ll be back to it in no time, Jen. The “devil bike” will keep you fit, in addition to your group training runs…and cake. I hope your Monday is going well, so far!

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  8. Hope you enjoy Virginia Beach! I went to college about an hour away from there and my first race ever was actually the Yuengling 8K that ends right on the beach 🙂 I’m not doing Fleet Feet half training this year but I will be at Speed Sessions!

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