When the husband is away…

The wife will go wild and…


And by party hard I mean be super lame and boring…


I spent many hours on the devil bike.


Rocked my Fleet Feet shirt


Made a mountain of guacamole and called it dinner.  Let’s just agree that this a portion size.


Joined my friends in the dark, on the track.


As we approach another person on the track, one of us inevitably asks…”Who is that?”  Between the dark and being bundled like this…I’m never really sure who anyone is.


Lots of time heating my Achilles. I told you…I’m wild and crazy!


Because it’s Taco Tuesday…


A Sofritas taco salad from Chipotle.  I promise it tastes way better than it looks.


And lastly, while solo, I’ve been sleeping in the boot. We fondly refer to it as the “birth control boot.”


So basically this post serves as reassurance to my husband that he has absolutely nothing to worry about while he’s away!  Although, I’m down for a Kid n Play dance party if anyone wants to come over.


P.S.  I came across this proverb and while I’m taking time to heal my body it seemed especially fitting 🙂


Have you tried the Chipotle Sofritas yet?  Verdict?

Have you had to sleep in a boot?  It doesn’t bother as much as I thought it would.

What was your latest speed workout?  I joined my friends on the track and I jog and cheer them on when they fly past me!


26 thoughts on “When the husband is away…

  1. Jen, I finally get to return to Track Tuesday next week; I had to laugh out loud when I read your comment about “who’s that?” on the track in the dark – we do the same thing. Or one gal just calls out names until the “mystery” person answers back. 🙂 I haven’t tried the sofritas yet, but I’ve been wanting to since your post last week!! I’ve got to do it soon. I hope you are doing well, and I’m glad you are taking care of that Achilles; keep up the good work!

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  2. Ohhhhh Jen you rebel you haha lol 😉 😛 Kid -n- Play … you just took me back on that on Jen lol. I haven’t tried sofrita yet, I need to and no speed workouts for me this week. I was actually going to do a few intervals this morning following yesterdays mini-tempo but I opted for rest this morning instead. I have not slept in a boot but I have slept in a splint when I was dealing with some severe PF about four years ago. Birth control boot eh’ haha 😀 Love the Batman and Vader meme your meme’s always crack me up lol and finally guac!!! ummm and you didn’t invite me to share shame on you haha lol 😛

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  3. AH ha ha ha ha! This was a funny one. The birth control boot is hilar. I looooove the fleet feet shirt! I always get accused of being too nice (I know, shocking!) so that shirt would be fitting. And, I do Yasso 800’s at the track but I started to do a couple the other day and my hamstring shouted at me a bit, so I’m nursing it now. Boo.

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  4. Let me just say….YES to your entire post. The Mr. is in Raleigh this week so its full on SSB (secret single behavior) ie bubble baths, early morning runs and scrambled eggs for dinner. Yea, its wild and crazy over here. Enjoy your week!

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