Non-Fitness Facts

I’ve been tagged a few times on Instagram to post 5 Non-Fitness Facts about me.  Sorry it’s taken me a minute to do it:)


1.  I play the violin and started studying when I was 4.

2.  I can’t stand mint desserts.  It tastes like chocolate with toothpaste on top.  Gross.


3.  I am a Sci-fi nerd and waited in line for all of the midnight premiers for The Lord of the Rings.


4.  I eat the same lunch every day when I’m home: mache rosettes with strawberries.  I’ve been eating this for 4 years (since I left my job) and I’m still not tired of it.


5.  I love all things elephants! Also, I sponsor an elephant named Naipoki through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Typing that list just makes me feel like a weirdo!

Alright, moving on…


Thanks to gbena on IG for sharing this one with me!  One of the best parts about my blog is people sending me quotes about JOY!  It’s even better when they combine JOY and COFFEE!


Crepe with peanut butter, banana, honey, and granola at The Perch!


Gym time…20 miles on the bike with lots of hills.  I read that 20 bike miles is equivalent to running 5 miles.  Is that true?  20 miles on the bike kicks my butt.


Working on my pull-ups by laying on the floor and lifting my body weight.


Decline sit-ups with a 12lb medicine ball.


And, I made this Asian Quinoa for dinner.  Isn’t it pretty?!  I’ll post the recipe shortly:)


And for dessert, I’m still making Chocolate Shakeology.  It really helps my sweet tooth and it tastes great!


Do you have a “healthy” dessert when you’re craving sweets?

Bike to running conversion?  Any idea?  I just want to make sure I’m keeping up my running fitness while I’m healing my Achilles.

Share a non-fitness fact about yourself!


34 thoughts on “Non-Fitness Facts

  1. Shoot… I have no idea the bike to running conversion. I had to bike once for an injury and I’m telling you right now, if I had known it was 20 bike miles=5 running miles, I would have just curled up and died right there. My nether bits HATE the bike. I’m wincing just *thinking* about it. Hopefully your Achilles shapes up asap so you can ship out of that trainer.

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  2. I didn’t know you were a sci-fi nerd Jen …. sweet!!! 😀 I’m a Dr. Who junkie and love the newer versions of Star Trek 🙂 Me … I love all things dolphin, grasshoppers freak me out, and I like my clothes in the closet to be color coordinated when possible.

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  3. First of all I love following your IG and reading your blogs!!! You are very inspirational and an amazing runner!!! My favorite night time snack/dessert is fage 0%mixed with flaxseed meal and frozen blue berries… love it!!!! Thank you for the joy you spread!!!!

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  4. That quinoa looks amazing! Looking forward to getting the recipe 🙂

    A non-fitness fact: My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. But not my usual weekday breakfast. A feast breakfast after a weekend long run. Eggs, toast, bacon, etc!

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  5. Don’t know the bike to running conversion. Recently I started biking to train for a half ironman triathlon. The only thing that has saved the me from pain in the rear is the biking shorts. A non fitness fact about me…for my job I am a public speaker/ educator in high school and Jr.
    High health classes. I love public speaking! By the way, I think violin music is soothing and comforting. I enjoy listening to it.

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  6. 20 miles on the bike is definitely equivalent to more than 5 miles running! (Especially if you’ve got hills and resistance!) When I bike, I figure 2 miles biking is about 1 mile running in terms of exertion level. But those bike miles sure aren’t the same in terms of happiness level.

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  7. I wish I could play violin! But I’m a floutist. My hubby and I will workout together sometimes so I’m going to get him to take some cool pics lol I’ve finally mastered the pull-up!! I can crank out 10 now. Oh. and that PB honey banana thing. Omg. Yes please! PB is my favorite thing ever. Well. That and coffee 🙂

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  8. I’m an avid road cyclist and I do not believe there is one conversion for bike-to-running miles. I think it really depends on the level of fitness and type of cycling. For me, cycling does not burn as many calories because my body has adapted to the activity. In the summer, I’m regularly biking 30 – 50 miles after work and barely feel like I’ve done anything….just like some runners can run an “easy x amount of miles”. Keep with the hill workouts and you should be able to keep up your running fitness. Another piece of advice is to keep the resistance at least at medium. I cannot tell you how many people I know who get on a spin bike at no resistance and then brag that they are able to bike 20 miles an hour….the machine is doing most of the work for you at that point!

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      • Biking is a wonderful compliment to running. You should keep doing it even after recovered. Sometimes after long hard runs, I will get on my stationary later that night just for 30 minutes of easy pedaling and I wake up the next morning feeling brand new. It’s so much fun too (outside of the gym). Sometimes in the summer, I’ll get on my bike during lunch and I come back to the office feeling refreshed (rather than exhausted like when I run during lunch). I may be a bit biased because I started biking but I think all runners should pick up the sport 🙂

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  9. I always heard it was a 3:1 ratio, so three bike miles = one run mile. I asked some of my tri friends a while ago when my achilles was giving me some trouble. So maybe thats encouraging to you?? 😊

    Late night snack is definitley frozen banana ice cream or light yogurt. One of those really rich flavors like chocolate cake or something.

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  10. i love your blog, it brings me joy for so many reasons! one is that i love nashville, that is where my husband proposed and one of our favorite US cities 🙂 we were just there in september!
    anyway, i’m recoving from calf/achilles junk, it’s been weeks and now i’m spinning again after just “joggin” a miserable marathon last weekend. i don’t know why i did that except that my husband signed us up, and i literally chugged along like a choo-choo. the pain didn’t get worse – just the same. so weird!
    we have a spin bike at home so that’s nice. i like your blog because i wasn’t excited about just doing eliptical to compensate for the running, but now i am feeling a bit better on the bike. it still sucks, lol, but it does feel good to sweat. i miss sweat!!!
    love your updates, it is very encouraging :))) hugs from houston!

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    • THANK YOU so much for your encouraging words!!! I love writing it and it’s so nice to know that you enjoy reading it:) I know I’m biased, but Nashville is a great city. It’s so cool that you got engaged here!! Achilles injuries are the worst. I can’t believe you ran a marathon. The bike has been a necessary evil for me. I tried the elliptical, but the bike it the only cardio I can do pain free. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!


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