Guess who did a chin up?!!


Breakfast Club!!!  We started the day in the dark…



I was given one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts from my friend, CB!!!



Side note: I am so grateful for all of the incredible women in my life.  You ladies ROCK!


I went back to PT and agreed that I would take a break from running for the next week:(  Hopefully a little break now will help my achilles heal.


23 spin bike miles and I came home to this post-it!  I obviously married my husband for his artistic abilities.


I’ve been a little bummed about my time off from running and he surprised me with these beautiful flowers!!!


I saw the 2015 Boston Marathon jacket.  Appearently, the purple is causing quite a stir!  It could be neon paisley and I would proudly wear it!


I joined the new 2015 Fleet Feet Racing Team for a little mixer.  There’s a whole lot of fast in this picture!!


Charlotte really wants to be on the race team, too:)



25 miles on the bike


And I met some friends at The Frothy Monkey


after their long run.


For dinner I had this beautiful big bowl of vegetarian Pho!



20 bike miles and oatmeal breakfast with the hubs:)



Sunday dinner of champions…Wine, Veggie Burger Salad, and slice of Chocolate Cake!


I finally got around to creating a facebook page for our Brentwood Breakfast Club!! #BBC  We’ve grown so quickly.  If you’re in the Nashville area, come run with us:)


And the piece de resistance…I did my first full chin up!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think about the 2015 Purple Boston Marathon jacket?

Did you enter the New York Marathon lottery or are you speedy enough to get an automatic entry?

Share the Pit and Peak of your weekend!  My Pit: Not running. My Peak: Ummm, hello…doing my first chin up!!


31 thoughts on “Guess who did a chin up?!!

  1. I like the purple jacket!
    and I’m planning on entering the NYC lottery this year-my first time entering-was going to do it on 1/30- my son’s bday for good luck😊

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  2. Awe, I’m kinda sad about the purple jacket! Boston’s trademark has been the blue and yellow for so long. Ah well, I guess it’s time for a change. I feel really bad for you that you have to take running time off. Glad you’re able to get your sweat on with the bike. Heal up.

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  3. That’s so sweet of your husband, I love when my husband draws or writes me things. And my pit was also not running.! I’m going through an injury also. Peak was spending time with my daughter.

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  4. I’m so jealous of your chin up, Jen!! Woo hoo! Congratulations! That didn’t take you any time at all; you’re awesome. 😉 I’m glad you had a nice weekend; been thinking about you and I hope your rest will provide some Achilles relief. Have a great Monday, friend!

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  5. Awesome job on the chin up – that’s fantastic!! It’s nice to be able to see the progress after working on something, isn’t it?! That’s great!! Sorry to hear you are having to take a little break from the running but you are being very smart and that will pay dividends in the long run. Big picture, right? And I love the purple jacket for Boston – jealous I’m not running it this year cause I’d wear the heck out of that!!

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  6. Love the chin up video! (where did you get the bar, what kind is it – maybe I could get it to work in my house) And that chocolate cake looks yummy.

    Got a grin out of the shot of your gang in the dark with all the reflective gear…..ghost runners. (actually it’d be great to remind runners that drivers really CAN’T see you unless you’re lit up like a Christmas tree)

    You’re right – though I’d much prefer they’d chosen classic colors for my first Boston jacket, I *would* proudly wear it if it was neon paisley. (my only real challenge would be pink…shudder)

    Hoping your week off running puts the finishing touches on your tweaky Achilles and lets you get back to it.

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  7. Congrats on the chin up!! That is AMAZING! I like how it took you like…two days to hit your goal haha. Keep up the good work with cycling. I know it can be so hard to not run, but come Boston you will be so glad you did!
    My peak: PR at Houston
    My pit: destroying my body to PR at Houston

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  8. Your hubby is so sweet!!
    You’ve been getting so many bike miles in! I don’t think I could handle so much quality time with a bike. Half an hour and I’m toast!!
    Congrats on the chin-up! That’s a great achievement 🙂

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  9. Awesome chin up! That is one exercise I can’t do, ever. Too uncoordinated, not strong enough.

    Weekend peak: Eating a delicious meal at my favorite Mexican restaurant
    Weekend pit: Watching the Packers lose 😦

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