The Friday Five

1.  As I’m typing this, the Parenthood Series Finale is about to come on TV.  It’s one of my favorite shows and I’m not ready for it to go.  Anyone else watch it?  Or at least can you relate to Finale Sadness (it’s a thing!)?



2.  You Fresh Naturals has made a Red Velvet Cashew CocoNut Butter!!  It rocks my socks!  The first batch sold out quickly, but they’re going to do a larger run for Valentine’s Day.  Follow (“stalk”) their Instagram Account to get flavor updates.


3.  Like other 80’s kids, I LOVED the Ghostbusters!  They’re doing a remake with a female cast.  I can’t wait to see it…these chicks are funny!

4.  I’m sure I’m late the party, but I just starting adding PB2 to my smoothies.  I was skeptical to buy powdered peanut butter, but it’s SO good!  It has 85% less fat calories than traidional peanut butter.  A little goes a long way and 2 Tablespoons have 45 calories.  I love how easily it blends and now my chocolate smoothies taste like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!


5.  Weird ways couples mess with each other…


18 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. totally loving your Friday five Jen! I must find those peanut butters. Yeppers! I heard about the ghost busters remake. How’s that throat of your’s today missy???

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  2. PB2 has got to be one of the coolest inventions ever, right?!? I’ve always wondered if this was some type of space food that finally made it to the mainstream public. Jen, all of you Parenthood folks have reminded me that I need to finish this show; that will have to be my next treadmill “project” – ha! I started out watching Parenthood and then somehow stopped watching it and I need to catch up to the finish. Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

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