#LikeAGirl and January Miles

First, if you tried to get in touch with me on Sunday…I wasn’t ignoring you.
My (3 month old) iPhone 6 crashed. The screen just went red and it turned off. Thank you 8lb, 6 oz baby Jesus for the iCloud! It had automatically backed itself up Saturday night. The, the Apple Store “genius” looked at it for a few seconds and gave me a new phone, no questions asked…awesome!!  However, I’m still in the process of trying to restore it…fingers crossed.


Leah, my PT, “suggested” that I not run Thursday or Friday so I could do my long run on Saturday.  I trust her and do as I’m told:)

Early 23 miles on the bike.


And I met up with the Brentwood Breakfast Club


To celebrate Michael’s last run with the group.  He’s moving:(



It’s tough to read, but our gift to him was an engraved frame that read My Tribe and 6run5 🙂


One of the perks of being on the Rock n Blog Team is I get a discount code to share with you!!  Code: JENCHOOSESJOY is good for $15 off ALL Rock n Roll half and full marathons!!!!  Share it with your friends!


Thursday night: I got to do my first ever blogger meet-up with two Nashville fitness bloggers!  After following their blogs, it was SO much fun to meet Karina and Mary and person!  We had cocktails at No. 308 and talked about running, our favorite gyms, lots of FOOD, and brainstormed about ways to work together in the future!




Wakey, Wakey Crepes and Coffee…that kind of rhymes, yes?!


I headed back to the gym to bike some more.  Oh the irony of wearing a Run Happy shirt on the spin bike.  I was happy because I knew I would get to do a long run on Saturday!


Thanks to everyone for the sore throat advice:  I’ve been drinking my honey tea and went to the doctor for a cortisone shot.


And of course, soup for dinner with grilled focaccia!


Long run prep:




15 miles pacing my Fleet Feet Nashville Country Music Marathon Training Group!!



I’m happy to report that I had zero Achilles pain during my run.  It got tight and creaky afterwards, so I’m still not 100%, but it’s getting SO much better!



And then…my iphone crashed and, so I don’t have anymore photos until that night.

Super Bowl Highlight: This ad…

because I RUN #LikeAGirl


It also gave me the courage to post my January Miles.  Due to injury, I ran my lowest monthly mileage since I started tracking it (133 mile LESS than last month, but who’s counting).  I’m definitely not thrilled with it, but I worked really hard for these miles.


It was definitely a full weekend!  It’s a new week, it’s a new month…Go Get ‘Em!!!!



Weekend peak? Long run with my training group!

Pit? My phone crashing.

Who were you cheering for in the Super Bowl?  Favorite Super Bowl ad? I didn’t really care about the game, but I read that the white jerseys statistically win the Super Bowl, so I cheered for the Patriots.  Favorite ad: Always #LikeAGirl

Which Rock N Roll Races are you running this year?  Nashville, Virginia Beach, and Vegas


14 thoughts on “#LikeAGirl and January Miles

  1. Nice solid month Jen!!! I’ve never run a rock -n- roll event but I’d love to run the DC event since that’s my hometown pretty much! Next year though since my spring this year is basically covered!

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  2. Once again, I’m so, so glad that you were able to enjoy a pain-free long run this weekend; weren’t all those bike miles worth it? Okay, maybe not ALL of them – ha! 😉 What a great gift that you presented to your group run friend before his move; he will cherish that! I love that your long run prep included Mucinex with the word “fast” on the bottle…hilarious! Hope your week is off to a great start, Jen!

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