My Daily Core

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 3. It’s the 3rd of the month and I’m giving your 3 Reasons Runners Should Do Core Work and 3 of My Favorite Core Workouts.


3 Reasons Runners Should Do Core Work

1. Injury Prevention. Core strength plays a vital role in stabilizing your entire body during running by maintaining a neutral pelvis, and delaying the breakdown in your form when you’re fatigued.

2. Improve Your Running Economy. Stronger muscles help you run faster and use less energy at the same time. Core workouts allow your body to use more muscle fibers during any given workout. Using the same muscles over and over again means you get tired more quickly. But if you have a larger pool of muscle fibers to work with, you can delay fatigue and run faster.

3. Faster Running.  So let’s put these two powerful benefits together. Injury prevention plus higher efficiency equals a faster runner. Injury prevention leads to consistent training.  Consistent training leads to dramatic improvements in speed.

**Remember that your core is more than just your abdominal muscles. The core includes your hamstrings, quads, hips, glutes, hip flexors, obliques, and lower back.


Here are three core exercises that I try to do daily. I either do them right before bed when I foam roll, or when I’m at the gym. I like to do variations of a traditional plank.  (Keep in mind that I’m a work in progress…my form is definitely not perfect!)

1.  Start in a traditional plank.  Keep your body tight and lower to your forearms.  Alternate between your right and left arms.  (I do 20 a day.)

2.  Side plank dips.  Place your hand on your hip in a side plank and slowly lower your hip down to the ground and back up.  Keep your core engaged.  (I do 50 dips on each side.)

3.  I learned this series of core work from PiYo.  Start in a downward dog position.  Raise one leg into the air.  Lower it down to tap your ankles.  Raise it back up.  Then tap your knee to your elbow.  Raise your leg back up.  To simplify: Leg up, tap your ankles, leg up, tap your elbow.  (I repeat this series 10 times on each leg.)

Do you incorporate core work into your fitness routine?  What are your favorite core exercises?

Has the cold weather driven you inside or are you still running outside?  

What did you have for dinner and dessert last night? (These are the hard hitting questions I love to read about!) I had a mexican quinoa with a chocolate protein shake for dessert.  Also, I’ve been adding butterscotch chips to my shake and it’s SO good!

34 thoughts on “My Daily Core

  1. I appreciate you doing these videos so much! And, your arms look awesome…I think I’ve already asked you but could you do a post on your weights routine? I do not do any core work 😦 Probably why I have IT band problems! I’m going to start incorporating these!

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  2. Thank you for sharing these videos! I love to run but don’t really incorporate much of anything else… This is motivation to start ( well that and a nagging knee injury !)

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  3. Thanks for the videos! We can all use some different things to add into our own repertoire! Dinner last night was shaved steak sandwiches with homemade sweet potato fries and brussels spouts. No dessert. Working on reducing our sugar intake this month! Have a great day Jen!

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  4. Core IS so important. I need to get mine back after having the baby. Dinner and dessert? Yikes. I don’t even remember, though I recall having a bowl of peanut butter cheerios in whole chocolate milk before going to bed.

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  5. Very valid points Jen!!! And I do try to implement core training at least 2-3 times per week when able. I honestly think that’s a big factor in why I basically been injury free for nearly 4 years. Thanks for posting these exercises … it’s like having a virtual coach lol I love it!!! I been alternating between outdoors runs and the treadmill. It’s been a bit cooler than usual here for over a week now with Sunday being the only normal temp day. So you much be artic in your neck of the woods. For me last night din din consisted of jasmine rice, steamed broccoli, and ribs.

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  6. Wow – look at that toned core! Clearly the exercises are working 🙂

    I like/hate doing planks. I know they are fantastic for strengthening the core but am not really a fan of doing them on my own. Luckily there is a core class at my gym so I get to struggle through core exercises with friends!

    Butterscotch chips in a shake? Love that idea!

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  7. Wow, thanks for showing these exercises! The videos help alot. I think I’ll try some of them. I’m all about the planking, but I definitely don’t get enough side action in!

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  8. I loved these videos. I take a boot camp class and we do planks, side planks with dips and burpees. Hate them all truthfully. But definitely recognize the value of a core workout when it comes to running and staying injury-free. Last night, we had your tomato soup recipe (loved it) and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Still running outside — 5 miles in 21 degrees in NC this am. Would also know how you got so much upper arm definition. I am looking for “sleeveless shirt arms” for the summer and would welcome the workout tips you’ve used to get toned arms. Thanks for blogging.

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  9. PiYo Core hurts so good, right?!? 😉 I like doing those seated Russian twist thingies (very technical, obviously) with a medicine ball, too. Let’s see…last night I had a dish that I made from the Runner’s World cookbook and one piece of Dove dark chocolate with a glass of tart cherry juice. I ran this morning in 24*, so I guess that answers that question; I’m sure you did, too…it’s Track Tuesday!! 😉 Hope you’re doing great today!

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