The BBC and My Smoothie Addiction


I met up with the Brentwood Breakfast Club to run a hilly 7 mile route.  It was so cold and windy that we hid between our cars until the run started.  We stayed for breakfast at Whole Foods where I opted for a KFC-size bucket of oatmeal!


I went for a sports massage with Robin at Franklin Massage Center.  Afterwards she suggested that I up my foam roller to this new torture device.


Jason flew back in from a work trip just in time to meet up for a sushi dinner.  I can’t seem to get enough avocados!


Happy Friday!


I hit up the gym to lift and took a blurry bike selfie…


It’s so dangerous to have Daily Juice next door to my gym!!  I love the El Tropicado and the shirts are too funny!


And, their chocolate pudding is SO good!


One of the best parts about writing this blog is that my friends give me gifts of “JOY.”  I wore one of my favorite bracelets today from Corrie:)


I met up with an old friend, Julie for lunch today!  She just recently moved back to town.  And at the risk of dating myself, we became friends when she interned for me years ago.  It felt like no time had passed and I had a great time catching up!


I got a new pair of kicks in the mail today from New Balance…love them!


They came with two sets of laces.  Which should I use?


I had the exact same Friday night dinner as last week…butternut squash bisque with grilled focaccia.  It worked really well before last week’s long run.


And of course I celebrated National Frozen Yogurt Day.  Red Velvet Froyo with cookie dough!



We’re all caught up.  Have a great weekend!!


What’s your favorite frozen yogurt flavor?  Toppings?  I always add cookie dough or brownies on top.

What’s your long run for this weekend?  Or are you racing?

Do you eat the same dinner each week before your long run?


17 thoughts on “The BBC and My Smoothie Addiction

  1. I like the bright laces, too! There’s a organic smoothie/juice bar inside my gym and it’s hard to not stop every single time I go but they are closed by the time I am done with my workout so that helps. What kind of gloss/lipstick do you use? It always looks so pretty! Have a great weekend!

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  2. I like the bright laces! The one and only froyo place in my hometown closed down all their machines by 8pm yesterday (usually available until 10). I was so mad! I am a big chocolate lover, but for some reason, I always go more fruity when we get froyo!

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  3. Oh, my gosh; I love those neon laces! I didn’t have any frozen yogurt, but I did track down some of those Red Velvet Oreos which were a wonderful post-race treat yesterday. Thanks so much for the recommendation; they are delightful! So great that you and Julie were able to reconnect; hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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  4. Holy foam roller Jen! Where do I get one of those?? Looks painful in a good way lol 😛 Oh, and I’ll have you know that your post last week about the red velvet oreo’s ummm yeah the wife showed up two packs of the sweet yumminess this weekend after a trip to the store … SCORE!!! I say go with the neon laces on the new balance. When I get my Pure Drifts the come with two color option for the laces also … decisions … decisions lol 🙂 Avocado yeppers!!!

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