I Regret Nothing

This weekend involved a lot of baking and even more eating!!






I love the Saturday long run.  Run all the miles.  Eat all the food.


I met up with my Fleet Feet Country Music Marathon Training Group to pace.  This is such a fun group!


My sweet friend Becca was celebrating her 30th birthday!!!!


She requested my Molasses-Spice Cookies so I made a batch for her birthday party.






I kicked off the day with this yummy oatmeal breakfast.


I got my first pair of the new Saucony Zealots!!  I’m so excited to test them out this week.  I’ve read a lot of great reviews.


I have started getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit with these Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip Cookies.




His and Hers dinner at Burger Up.  I’m in love with their Marathon Quinoa Burger and his onion ring tower is legit.




And I just put a batch of these Red Velvet and Cheesecake Brownies in the oven.  I’ll have the recipe for these ASAP!



Peak and pit?  Peak: celebrating Becca’s 30th!  Pit: My achilles (although pain free) is still feeling creaky.
Did you watch the Grammys?  I have it on right now!
Do you change up your shoes or stick to one type and model?  I am very loyal to the Saucony Kinvara, but love trying new shoes.  Aren’t we always in search of the “magic shoe?”


22 thoughts on “I Regret Nothing

  1. bahahaha thank for my Monday funny fix from ya’ chica! haha! You always make me laugh and have fight back spewing my coffee everywhere lol and you also have been making me drool with all this red velvet talk ha! red velvet cheesecake brownies ummm YEEEAAHHH!!! I”ll take 5 + a 16 mile run ha! And I’m a total shoe snob Jen. I’m a Pure Drift and Ghosts man 100% until they discontinue those models then I’ll ball up in the fetal position and cry like a baby until I decide search for a replacement model 🙂

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  2. It might just be a food baby! GAH! I love it. I’m so glad you had a great long run this weekend and were able to celebrate a fun birthday. I’m not so glad that your Achilles is showing its ugly side, and I’m hopeful that some rest after the long run will help keep you pain free; you’ve been doing so well and working so hard to get back at it. Hope your Monday is going well and thanks for sharing some fun!

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  3. Have you ever gotten burned out on running or just felt like anything over 4 or 5 miles was just so hard? What did you do? Did you take time off? If so, how long? Or did you just scale it down for a while?

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  4. I also had a quinoa burger this weekend although it was a frozen one from Trader Joes. Cooked, of course 😉

    Love the new shoes! I also wear Saucony Kinvaras so wonder if this style would work for me, too. I’ll have to look for them at my local running shop.

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  5. I have worn Asics Nimbus since 2006. I love them. I am so tempted to try Brooks Pure Flows though! I’m torn! I am a little disappointed that they are changing the style of the new Nimbus, and it is a half an ounce heavier than they currently are! That makes a difference!

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