Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Edition

Thursday’s are for running with the Brentwood Breakfast Club


and for breakfast afterwards…


and big as ‘yo face mugs of coffee!


Couples date night!


Coincidence that we’re posing in front of wine corks on a Thursday?  I think not!


Friday the 13th:


I had a planning meeting for some exciting updates on my blog!  Oh the irony of taking a pen and paper to a blogging meeting.  And, of course another giant coffee.  I like big mugs and I cannot lie!


Guess what happened?!!!  Oiselle tweeted about MY BLOG!!!  I geeked out! @jenchoosesjoy


I prepped for Saturday’s long run:  Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee, Garmin 620, Picky Bar, and Gu.


And ate plenty of carbs!


Saturday: Valentine’s Day!

I paced my Fleet Feet CMM training group for 20 miles!  Yes, I looked ridiculous.  Yes, I had a blast!


We had Valentine’s Day dinner reservations and cancelled them.  Instead we opted to grocery shop and stay home and drink wine:)  Also, we made a Sunday brunch reservation at our favorite restaurant.


Nashville is expecting our biggest “snow storm” in years.  Whole Foods was a mad house!  Why do they sell out of bananas?  Nothing says I love you like Whole Foods before a snow storm.


After the grocery, wine by the fire was a must.  Charlotte looks a little nervous!


Oh, and the piece de resistance….Jason got me the Justin Gaffrey nest painting that I’ve been stalking!!!




Pre-dawn gym time, because brrrr!  LOVING the new Saucony Zealot ISO!


Margot brunch…my love language!  His and hers bellinis and french presses with the yummiest french toast!!


Random note: Today’s sweater makes me feel like a flying squirrel.



Alright, we’re all caught up.  I hope you have an incredible Monday!!!!


Peak and Pit of the week?  Peak: My new painting!  Pit: Grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

Tell me about your Valentine’s Day!

What do you buy when a storm is coming? Obviously, Nashville buys bananas.  

At what temperature are you no longer willing to run outside? I try to avoid negative wind chills and hop on the treadmill.


24 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Edition

  1. The painting is lovely! How did you hear about Justin or find his work? I’m trying to find some nice art from my home but don’t know where or how to find artists with styles I like! I feel like I’m overwhelmed with choices! I do really like Justin’s work – I also like Wendy Prellwitz as well but she hasn’t put any new work up in a long time…

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  2. HOLY COFFEE MUG Jen!!! That sucker is as big as your face I can’t see you haha! And our storm season is usually more of a summer thing but water and batteries are at a premium lol. Oh, and bread 🙂 way to rock the tu-tu chica! And this winter storm is supposed to bring the coldest weather of the year to us so can only imagine what you are in store … ugh! :/

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  3. Oh i love the painting!!! I’m not allowed to buy anything ornamental till we sell our house and move otherwise i’d be browsing lol.
    peak was having our contractors finish up the house renovations on time!
    pit was having oral surgery, yuck.
    our valentine’s day was very relaxing. i made some pasta for my hubby and had soup, and we both had good wine 🙂
    if there is a storm coming we stock up on popcorn and wine and chocolate… we’re very optimistic clearly!
    i am a total wimp with cold weather so if it’s low 30’s i’m indoors gladly. fair weather girl over here!

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  4. Yay for long runs, coffee and romantic dinners at home! I’m so glad you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend! I think my pit was definitely grocery shopping, too; what happens to people? I think they go a little crazy, is what happens. Good grief! I’m not sure at what temperature I stop running outside; I think the coldest it’s ever been when I’ve planned an outdoor run is around 16 degrees. Tomorrow morning it will be around 9 degrees; if I could get to the track, I would, but I just don’t think it’ll be safe to try before daylight and I’m sure I’ll be back at work. Oh, well! Enjoy your icy/snow days, Jen; so glad you made it to the gym safely!

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  5. First, your Valentine’s Day running outfit is amazing! Second, I can’t wait to see what updates you are cooking up for this blog! Third, you and your husband are too cute. We stayed home and cooked too. It was perfect!

    Stay warm and safe!

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  6. I’m in love with that nest painting – gorgeous!! Before a storm, I like to stock up on chili ingredients. Nothing better than a warm bowl of chili when a winter storm is brewing outside. As for running in the chill – I shy away from outside when temps dip in the low single digits or the wind chill is in the negative temps. Better to stay indoors!

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