Busted By the UPS Man!

After Saturday’s indoor 13 miles and Sunday’s outdoor 18 miles, my legs were so heavy!!  I got it done with some Monday Motivation from Britney.
Food for thought: I’ve been running on the treadmill more than ever lately and I just recently read this article on the Runner’s World site: Biomechanics Expert Debunks Treadmill-Running Myths.  I have always thought that the treamill should have a minimum 1% incline to simulate running outdoors.  The article says that that rule only applies if you’re running a 7:09 pace or faster.


I also wrote my 200th Post!  Time flies when you’re having fun.  🙂
It was National Banana Bread Day, so I baked a loaf of my Brown Sugar Banana Bread…YUM!!!  I had to send it work with Jason so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing myself.
Due to last week’s ice storm, UPS stopped delivering for the entire week.  I tried to be understanding and patient (just a few of my character flaws).  Of course the UPS man arrived Monday night when Jason was home.  He rang the bell and we found this tower on the front porch…busted!
I don’t hide packages, but they don’t draw attention when they arrive one at a time.  This did not go unnoticed!


Track Tuesday!
We kicked off Fleet Feet’s Winter Speed Session with an incredible group!  (It’s not too late to sign up!)
I ran 5 miles of warm-up laps and drills.
6 x 800m (400m recovery jog)
1 mile cool down
It was a tough workout!
Track roadkill!  Coach Christi Beth needs a cart like this one to drive around and pick up dead runners.
Usually Fleet Feet gives the group a shirt for that season’s speed session.  This year we got toboggans!!!
The upside to a tough track workout:  I knew that I was going to see Robin at Franklin Massage that afternoon!!  I’ve been seeing her every other week and she’s played a big role in my recovery.
A few weeks ago, Chipotle was having a Sofrita’s giveaway.  So, Jason and I decided to use our freebies for dinner.  Because hello…Taco Tuesday!  Please tell me Taco Tuesday is a thing in your house, too.
For those that don’t live in Brentwood, TN, our Chipotle and Starbucks are ALMOST beside each other. There’s a froyo shop in the middle. TRIFECTA!!!
And lastly a sneak peak into the glamorous world of blogging. I’m writing this with crazy hair, from the floor, sitting on the heat vent, with two snuggling pups.

Do you do Taco Tuesday in your house?

Do you set your treadmill at 1% incline?  I have always used 1% as my base incline.

Do you have a favorite track distance? Least Favorite? We call the 800m the “Devil’s Distance”


41 thoughts on “Busted By the UPS Man!

  1. Thanks for sharing that treadmill article. I have been setting the incline at .5 or 1 and I my fastest speed is 6.2!!!!! I will read and take heed! Your banana bread looks relish! I use my husbands lunches to “dispose” of items I know I will eat all of! LOL poor guys!

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  2. I know I’m in the minority, but I never got into setting the treadmill at an incline because it didn’t feel easier to me….and maybe that’s a good thing because I’m also not running 7:00 min miles 🙂 That Banana Bread sounds so good, I’m staring down my bananas right now to get them to ripe faster. And 3 boxes from Sephora….bahahaha!

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  3. 200 posts, yay! Omg those packages are ridiculous.. Too funny! Thank you for this 1% incline information.. I had no idea. I was a short-distance sprinter in high school so I’ve always had nightmares of speed work over 200s 🙂 Have a great Wednesday! Ps- your pups are so darn cute

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  4. I noticed all the boxes from Sephora too! I am the same, I don’t hide any of my purchases from Lane, but I also don’t tell him every time that I get something in the mail either. And when they all show up at once, it looks like alot! I read that same article about the treadmill incline. I have run at 1% for as long as I can remember and I’ll probably keep it that way even though I’m not running at 7:09 or faster most of the time! Have a great day Jen!

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  5. I just did my first speed session last night with Christi Beth! I did the 2 mile time trial and I was so excited with my time! I’ve never really pushed myself and I’ve gotten very comfortable in a very slow pace so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish 🙂
    PS-that hat is my new favorite possession!

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  6. Okay, sorry…accidentally hit the ‘enter’ key – ha! I used to ALWAYS run on a 1% incline on the treadmill; I also used to do the majority of my weekday runs on a treadmill, due to the area in which I lived for several years. Once I moved to an area with more convenient running spaces, I quit using the treadmill at all and now when I run on it I rarely use the incline; I’m not sure why I stopped, though – ha! I love, love, love the boxes; you can just send one (or more) of those Sephora boxes to my house and tell Jason that they got the wrong address – ha! 😉 400s are definitely my favorite; 800s are okay, but whoa – ugh. Hope you’re doing okay over there; we’re waiting on more snow!! Are you kidding me?

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  7. bahahaha!!! Those Chipotle memes are sooooo wrong and soooo sad but true Jen!!! LOVE IT!!! And holy tower of packages batgirl lol. My favorite track distance is 800. I love them especially when I’m super fit and running 3:00’s or under. But then again the 800 was my specialty distance in high school 🙂 I usually run at 0.5-1% incline when on the treadmill.

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  8. congrats to 200! wahoo. i’m so happy for this post, i’m recovering my Achilles right now and still not running just yet, but am looking forward to doing some short lunchtime runs on our treadmill…. SO your treadmill post was perfect. i was so blown away, i mean my coach told me to set my treadmill at 2%, can you believe that??? not gonna blame anyone but i had set my runs at 2% inclines and sometimes 3% ever since… and coincidentally have had multiple injuries. ok i’m not going to link those together, but seriously i just need to take it down. i never had any running issues when i was running on a 1% or 0%, why do i do silly things that hurt myself, in the name of “fun” and fitness? so bonkers. my husband is NEVER injured, and he never does anything but 0%. but then again he also works out sporadically whereas i like to sweat once a day 😀

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  9. Curious to know what you got from Sephora! I’ve been running so many doubles lately that I feel I hardly ever actually get around to doing my hair/makeup. I’m in serious need of a shakeup to make me feel less like like a sweaty mess. 🙂 I have a King Charles Spaniel too – they are the best dogs – love my little pup! Hope you guys stay warm down there – we’ve got more snow on the way here too. UGH. I’m over it!

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  10. HAHAHA! Those giant sephora boxes would have put me straight into the dog house. I gave up shopping for lent and I do believe it’s going to be the death of me. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago wtih a saucony order and a lululemon order. Yeah. That was fun to explain.

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  11. We do taco Tuesday religiously in our house! Because… what is better than a plate of yummy tacos?
    Your treadmill runs amaze me! As soon as I start looking down at the distance I still have to go it is all over for me… I know it’s just mind games because I have no problem running long distances outside, but it’s a mind game I haven’t really been able to overcome yet…

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  12. Do you do Taco Tuesday in your house?
    No. But we eat tacos a lot. 🙂 I love mexican food. It’s so easy and versatile.

    Do you set your treadmill at 1% incline? I have always used 1% as my base incline.
    Yeah, I like to do something like 1%. If I’m feeling brave I try 1.5%, but that usually falls apart quickly.

    Do you have a favorite track distance? Least Favorite? We call the 800m the “Devil’s Distance”
    Favorite track distance would have to be the 400 meter. I like going all out for one lap. Least favorite would be mile repeats.

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