February Miles and My Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Here’s my Weekend Wrap-Up:
Saturday’s Mood:
I was so excited to meet up with my Country Music Marathon Group for their first 20 miler of this training season!
Great minds think alike, because Jenn and I showed up in matching outfits!
Is this the longest route sheet you’ve ever seen?  Too funny!
This group makes 20 miles so fun!
My Rock n Roll Tour Pass showed up in the mail!!  My 2015 race calendar is starting to feel real…eek!
Don’t forget to use code: JENCHOOSESJOY (all caps) to save $15 off ALL Rock n Roll Marathons and Half Marathons!!
As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m working with Ah Ha Creative to update my little blog.  Amy (the owner) sent me the perfect surprise in the mail.  She gets me. 🙂
I hopped on the treadmill for 7 early morning shakeout miles.  First at the gym!
Fave treadmill song of the moment….Uptown Funk!
I met up with J for breakfast.
Apparently Jimmy Fallon and I had the same weekend plans.  No spoilers.  I’m still watching, but Season 3 of House of Cards is really good!!
Oh, and my girlfriend Shyla sent me this gem!!!  How do we make this happen?  Runners unite.  Let’s form a Chipotle team!
And lastly, another month is in the books.  It feels so good to be back to my regular run schedule!!!
February Miles: 330
YTD: 547
Did you race or long run?  Share!!
House of Cards?  Did you binge watch it?
Were most of your February Miles outside or on the treadmill?

26 thoughts on “February Miles and My Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Congrats on your 20-miler! That is so impressive. How do you like fleet feet?? They are pretty big in Maryland, however I run with my county group. I always see them on the same trails though and they seem like such a HUGE, fun group.

    Oh and ps-HOC is phenomenal!! 😉

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    • Thanks so much!! We have an awesome Fleet Feet owner here in Nashville and she has built such a wonderful run community around her store. I’m hoping to work in another HOC episode this afternoon!!!


  2. I did a lot of miles on the treadmill in February which aggravated my left shin a bit. It only sidelined me for a day, so that’s good but now I’m just being more aware of using the treadmill as a snack and not as a main meal. Sunnier days ahead! Woohoo!

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  3. Oh, my gosh, Jen; House of Cards is so addictive. We watched FIVE episodes over the weekend (which was pretty busy, so that’s saying a lot!) and I’m sure we’ll be back at it this evening. We really should slow down, but it’s too tough to stop – ha! I’m so glad you got to enjoy the long run with your group this weekend – no ice! – and that you are feeling great. I LOVE the printed route! We always are trying to figure out how to keep ours on one page – ha! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  4. Great 20 miler! I did a 5k race on Sunday – fortunately the weather cooperated and it ended up being a pretty good race!

    All of my February miles were run indoors. I’m so ready for spring!

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  5. congrats on getting your running groove back and the amaze-balls mileage!!! wowzers you rock!
    despite our miserable weather lately here in texas, i finally did my longest run this past sunday with our favorite running club – 7 miles. i know, amazing! i haven’t been running much due to my achilles post january marathon, but had been doing some spinning and weight training. let me tell ya, 7 miles felt great but i was pooped! like how did i ever run double digits? i’m so awed by that right now. well i am just happy that i got to run outside – it was drizzling and i didn’t even care! and running with the hubbs and our friends was just too good to pass up. so happy to be getting back, baby steps.
    i need to watch season 3, we love house of cards! but i have a couple of episodes from season 2 and i’m forbidden to watch 3 till i’m done. ugh i hate when my DH challenges me 🙂

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  6. Great miles in February! Glad to see the Achilles is good enough to run 20s now too. That route is super long! I think it might take me longer to read it and follow it than to just run the 20 miles! 🙂 House of Cards is next on my list to watch but right now my treadmill/TV time is relegated to learning the new BodyPump release so that I can begin teaching it soon. I keep having to fuss at my husband (who is halfway through the House of Cards season) as he keeps trying to tell me about it and ruin the surprise!

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