Thanks Thor!

Like a lot of the country, Tennessee got hit with another round of snow from Winter Storm Thor.  This week has involved a lot of time on the treadmill, crazy circles around the indoor track, and a whole lot of coffee!
We kicked off the day with a crepe date at The Perch.
And headed to the gym for 10 treadmill miles.
Please tell me that you’ve done this…
With the bad weather on it’s way, I squeezed in an evening workout at Orange Theory Fitness.  Ignore the crazy hair!  The 2400m row kicked my arse!
I was craving guacamole when I got home!
We rarely see heavy snow in Nashville.  It was beautiful!
Roads were terrible, but Dave and Corrie were able to meet me at the Y to run on their indoor track.  18 laps per mile.  Yes it’s a little nuts, but it’s so fun to run with friends and catch up!
Followed by coffee.
With dinner, I made a new crispy asian brussels sprouts recipe….yum!
I had heavy legs, ran a snail pace 8 miles, and biked a little to loosen up.
Just in case you didn’t get enough coffee humor from me this week…
***Don’t forget to SPRING FORWARD before you got to bed Saturday night!


Also, I got two very cool shout-outs from other bloggers this week: BIG THANKS to Hungry Runner Girl and The Runner Dad!!!

Do you like Spring Forward?  I don’t because my morning runs will be in the dark again.

Weekend running plans?  I’m doing a 15 miler on Saturday and previewing the Oak Barrel race course on Sunday!
What food or drink do you crave after a hard workout?  I usually crave tortilla chips and salsa, guac, or cheese dip.


I’m running the Country Music Half Marathon again this year as a St. Jude Hero. Through the generous support of fundraisers and their donors, families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food—because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.  A donation of any amount would be appreciated!!!  CLICK HERE TO DONATE and thank you in advance!

22 thoughts on “Thanks Thor!

  1. I saw your shoutout on HRG and I was like I KNOW HER!! So cool. Good luck on the 15-miler today. I usually crave some kind of egg/avocado breakfast after a long run and then definitely allll the chips and dip at a Mexican restaurant later in the day 🙂 Weekend!!!

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  2. I look forward to that Asian sprouts recipe 😉

    Yay, another runner who doesn’t like springing forward!!

    Love that you do that indoor track run, makes me wish I had pals to do one with just to try it.

    The avocado quote is pretty funny – I’ve learned that they’re good when they’re WAY softer than I think they need to be. I bought a bunch a while ago and have kept them in the fridge. I think they’re almost gone when I cut them, and they turn out to be just fine. I use avocado to stuff mushroom caps, in my fresh rolls and on my coconut bread as spread for turkey sandwiches. But don’t tend to crave them post run.

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  3. I looooove spring forward because I don’t run in the mornings; evenings are my favourite time to run. I’m obsessed with brussells sprouts right now, which is weird (that recipe looks killer) but despite my current infatuation with them, the foods I crave after a long run will always and forever be nachos and beer. Sigh… I’m incurable.

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  4. We make brussels sprouts a few times a week. I hated them as a kid and love them now. I saw your shoutout on HRG! That’s awesome! We still haven’t had a big snow this year. It’s supposed to be in the 60s here all weekend! I’m ready for spring!

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  5. Yes yes to EVERY single coffee funny!! That adult supply cup…yes. lol lol We finally got rid of our snow and were blessed with sunshine! 180 is an insane amount of laps. You have serious mental willpower. Get if girrrrl! I ran 20 glorious miles today! Can’t wait until Country Music RnR! Double fist bump for St.Jude Heros!! Have a beautify weekend Jen!

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  6. Ohhhhhh now that’s dedication Jen!!! 180 laps on the Oval office!!! You make be proud to know ya! 😉 lovin’ the lion king meme haha! And yay to crazy hair lol. I love/hate spring forward. Love the extra daylight in the evening but hate it because that means the dog days of the dreaded Florida summer are right around the corner … ugh!


  7. Gotta ask (since you love coffee!) – do you give up coffee in the taper so that you get the full benefit of caffeinated gels? I am mid-way through my taper week (and thus mid-way through my caffeine boycott) and I’m missing it even though I only have one latte a day! 🙂 Your coffee photos look SO GOOD! I’m excited to get back to it after the marathon is over (that’s sad, isn’t it?). Drink an extra coffee for me, okay? 🙂

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