Support Your Girls

Confessions first: Prior to writing this blog, I had never been fitted for a sports bra. I also owned sports bras that were way past their prime.

So…when I got this email last week, I knew it was time to head over to Fleet Feet for a proper bra fitting.


I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated.  It’s very personal to let someone measure your bust.  Hopefully sharing my experience will show you that it’s no big deal and all women need to be fitted.


Here’s what to expect:  

  • I let the staff know that I wanted to get fitted.
  • I went into a fitting room, removed my shirt and kept my bra on (I wore a current sports bra), and let the staff member know when I was ready to get measured.
  • She brought a tape measure into my room, measured around my rib cage and around the largest part of my bust.
  • She pulled some bra options for me to try, let me change privately, and once each one was on, adjusted the straps and hooks to insure the proper fit.

The two that worked best for me:  I measured 31″ under my breasts which puts me in between sizes.  By wearing sports bras with adjustable hooks in the back, I can ensure the correct fit.

Moving Comfort Rebound Racer


Moving Comfort FineForm


Fit Tips:

1.  Scoop your breasts into the cups so they are centered and level.

2.  Fabric should be smooth.  Wrinkles or puckers indicate the cup is too big.

3.  Band should fit more snug than a lingerie bra and lay straight across your back without riding up.

4.  The underwire should sit on your rib cage below the breast tissue and follow your natural shape.  It shouldn’t poke or pinch and the center panel should lay flat against your breast bone.  If it doesn’t, you may need a larger cup.

5.  Straps should not slide or dip into your shoulders.


Take Care:

1.  Wash it gently.  Use the gentle or delicate cycle if you machine wash and be sure to fasten any hooks or straps to avoid snags.  Place your sports bra into a lingerie wash bag.

2.  Let it hang to air dry.  If you must, tumble dry low.

3.  Give it a break.  Rotate a minimum of three bras: one in the wash, one hanging to dry, and a third ready to wear.

4.  Your sports bra should not have a birthday.  Replace them ever 6-12 months!

And lastly, I have to include a little sports bra humor!








Have you ever been fitted? Like me, are your bras older than a year old?

Enough with the boobs, tell me about your weekend!  Did you race or run long?  Our official CMM training run was cancelled due to ice, but I still met up with a smaller group for a 15 miler!

What was the highlight of your weekend?  I had a lot of really nice quality time with my husband 🙂


24 thoughts on “Support Your Girls

  1. I’m with you, mine have had a birthday. At least one probably. I’ve been telling Lane I need to get new ones but I don’t want to order online and we don’t have anywhere in town that is a good option for trying on different options!

    I did a 20 miler and it went really well and I spent alot of time with Lane. It was a great weekend!

    Happy Monday Jen!

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  2. Bahaha the girls eh’ nice! My highlight of the weekend was experiencing my most solid run since the end of last year and a surprise dinner invite last night 🙂

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  3. I was fitted by a Moving Comfort specialist at one of our local running shops last year and it was GLORIOUS! I can’t believe how well my sports bras fit now and I love Moving Comfort. I’ve never had any chafing with their bras and they seem to do really well in any conditions. I’m so glad you had a good experience, Jen. I did race on Saturday and it was a lot of fun; I think the highlight of my weekend was reading with my dog in my lap; he really enables rest and relaxation. 😉 I hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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  4. I definitely don’t replace my sports bras that frequently! When I read that, it sounded familiar, but I honestly don’t see a reason to replace them that soon and don’t feel as though mine wear out. I’ve been fitted for regular bras, but haven’t ever gotten fitted for sports bras….maybe I should, when I got fitted for regular ones I learned I had been wearing the wrong size for years and years 🙂

    And you’re running NYC too?! That’s awesome!

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  5. I’ve been fitted for sports bras, regular bras, and nursing bras. Trust me–after you get fitted for a nursing bra–any other bra fitting is a walk in the park. 🙂

    I have the Rebound Racer and wore it with the straps to short for the first few times. I wore it in a half marathon and it actually pinched one of my nerves enough to cause my right arm to go numb! Good thing those straps are adjustable; after I loosened them, all was well.

    Have a great week, Jen!

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  6. This is definitely something I think we are all guilty of overlooking. I’ve tried to move some of my old ones out of running rotation and since trying a sports bra with underwire there is no going back. I think a good bra is worth every penny! I cut a 15 miler short after taking a fall (NOT due to ice) and bruising/scraping my knee. It was mega embarrassing and incredibly ridiculous considering I run that sidewalk regularly and even ran it the night before in the dark. Haha!

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  8. Yea… who knew they had such a short life span! I think all but one of mine has had a birthday or 3. Oops! 🙂

    Also I love the straight jacket meme. One of my sports bras is like that no matter what and I also think of that picture!

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  9. This article makes me want to go shop for some new running gear, and not have the slightest guilt! 😉 No race this past weekend but have a Shamrock Shuffle this coming weekend, maybe I will find a NEW green sports bra to show off at my race!

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  10. What a great read! I agree that I now want to go shopping haha. I definitely have a few sports bras that I’ve owned for several years.. But, I have an extremely small bust–barely A cups, so I don’t experience issues while running or working out. Do you think they’re just as important for small boobs?

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