Our Speed Session coach was out of town, so this girl filled in.  Luckily, the big rain held off until the end of practice!  I got there early and stayed late to get 8 miles in.
My sweet friend Shyla left this note on my car!  Here’s my friend Jenn’s story of “Strong Toast”
  • Jenn told us the best story about a time when she was really struggling during a run. She kept having the negative thought, “you’re toast” repeating in her head. So, she turned it around. “You’re multi-grain, fortified, whole grain, STRONG TOAST!” I will forever think of “strong toast” when I’m struggling during a run!
I got the most wonderfully painful sports massage from Robin Frazier at Franklin Massage Center!  I’ve been going every two weeks and it’s really helping.
Taco Tuesday!  Recipe HERE!
@RunnerMarx has been hosting a little mileage competition on Instagram while he’s been out with an injury.  The rules were simple: just tag a picture of your run with mileage and #MilesForRunnerMarx.  He’s finally recovered, running again, and ended the contest.
  • 225 runners participated
  • 11,826 miles were logged
  • I took 3rd place with 292 miles (avg. run distance: 11 miles)!
  • If you want some runspiration, follow the IG accounts below.  These folks are awesome!

Here are pics of the top 20!



I started the day with the new Runner’s World at The Perch.
I met my friends at Percy Warner Park to run the 11.2 mile loop.  We call it the Monkey Run because it’s a portion of the Flying Monkey Marathon course.
I realized that I had a skulls theme today…hat, jacket, and earrings!
Big thanks to Fleet Feet and Nike for the new Race Team/ Ultra Dirtbag swag!!!
I had some veggies left from Taco Tuesday, so I added black beans, salsa, and made nachos for dinner…YUM!!!!
Lastly, one of my favorite quotes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s…
Do you still read paper magazines?  What are your favorite magazines?  I subscribe through mail and love Runner’s World, Cooking Light, and O!
Are you good about eating leftovers?  I’m the worst!  I usually don’t want the same meal two nights in a row and then I forget about them.
Are you having warmer weather?  It’s been in the 60’s in TN!!

33 thoughts on “#MilesForRunnerMarx

  1. That’s a unique thought with toast. I like that a lot! We’ve had warmer but rainier weather here but it works for running! I think a light drizzle beats running in a snow storm lol and yes, I read paper magazines! I tried the digital kind but I just don’t care for reading that way. Of course I’m addicted to my Runners World mag. 🙂 I also like our local Pace magazine.

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  2. First off Jen … TOTALLY LOVE your tights! I’d wear them ha! I’m fairly good at eating leftovers seeing I’m the only one in the house who will for the most part and the weather here … let’s just say that summer has already arrived in Florida my 5am run this morning was a hot, humid, soupy, sauna and I was completely drenched by the drenched. It looked like I went swimming lol. And yes still do read some paper book/magazines

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  3. I do still love paper magazines. I do read alot on my iPad, but never magazines and certain books I want the real thing. I subscribe to RW, Clean Eating and Women’s Health. I randomly keep getting free magazines in the mail for a year. I’m not sure why. (I’m not a mom, so my free one year subscription to Working Mother magazine was an odd one). Have a great day Jen!


  4. Enjoying your blog. Found it randomly from a recipe on FB. I didn’t know you were here in mid TN. I was at the Waves of Grace event too, I am walking my first half with them to raise money. Have a great week😊

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  5. Congrats on coming in 3rd! That’s awesome 🙂 I like your new race team gear! I do subscribe to a few magazines, but I’m not sure why – I don’t really get to read them! And I’m not big on left-overs, I always pack them for my husband’s lunch. He loves them and it keeps his lunch prep easy, so it’s a win-win.

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  6. The #milesforrunnermarx contest was fun! I came in 93rd, which was actually higher than I thought I’d come in (I’m @faygsm on IG). Congrats on 3rd place!

    I subscribe to Runner’s World, Women’s Running & Domino. I have a few other subscriptions that I’ve been letting run out, though, since I’m not really into them anymore (Shape, Self, etc.)

    I used to hate leftovers, but I’m okay with eating them for lunch. Also, I’m okay with leftovers that I can freeze and eat at a later date, like chili (I actually did that when I made your quinoa chili after you posted it).

    We have a bad heat wave starting today (I live in Los Angeles). The 5 day forecast is all upper 80s and low 90s. Not looking forward to it!

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    • I like to freeze soups, too! They’re great for niche when I don’t feel like cooking. 93rd is awesome!! That was a great group of runners! I read that they’re having to start the LA marathon earlier because of the heat…crazy.


  7. I have a beautiful Kindle Fire HD and the magazines look lovely on it; however, I can’t do it. I really need paper magazines! I love reading ebooks, but magazines are another issue entirely (no pun intended!). I subscribe to Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Real Simple and EatingWell; if I had the time to read them, I’d have many more! The weather has been delightful…bring on Spring! I love, love, love your new Dirtbag gear; so cute!

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  8. I recently found your blog and have to say that I love your joy! It’s infectious. I subscribe to Runner’s World too (and love it), and use magsformiles to get Sunset and Martha Stewart Living. Can’t handle reading on my iPad. We are having a warm March up here in Idaho and I am loving it.

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  9. I do – I read Running Times and Ultrarunning!

    I used to be terrible about leftovers – but now I’m much better. I almost always have them for lunch the next day. I find that it saves me a bit of money – woo hoo!

    It’s a little bit warmer – but still only in the 30s and 40s – boo!! Send the 60s up here (NY)!!

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