40 thoughts on “StrideBox GIVEAWAY & Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I had a 20 miler yesterday, all of my long runs have gone really well this training cycle, so I feel like I should have a bad run coming soon just to balance things out.
    Peak – being able to catch up on ALOT of reading this weekend! Pit – my team lost in the NCAA tournament yesterday 😦

    Have a great day Jen!

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  2. That cuff is beautiful. I’m envious. I think cuffs are my fav piece of jewelry.

    Ran 9.5 on Friday on the trail. Ran 26.2 Saturday on the trail. Last long, long run before my race. I am tapering now and LO-VING IT!

    Early start at the gym this AM. Track tomorrow. It’s going to be a beautiful day.


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  3. I love monthly boxes! In the past I’ve had ipsy, birchbox, popsugar and glossy box. I’m definitely going to have to try this one out.

    My favorite wine is Chardonnay! It’s soooo good 🙂 I also love those mini bottles of sparkling wine! They’re especially good if you have to use some for a recipe, since sparkling wine/champ shouldn’t be resealed for a while!

    Way to go with your run after a crazy weekend! I know I struggle with getting up and working out after being up late, so that’s great you actually had a wonderful run! That’s quite amazing…and that party looked so fun!

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  4. I’m so glad you had such a fun time at the wine tasting, Jen; what fun! I think the best part of the weekend was winning an AG award after the 5K Saturday; the pit was probably laundry yesterday – ha! I love Riesling and Pinot Grigio in the Spring/Summer; so light and crisp. I have always wanted to try StrideBox, but wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the selections or end up giving most of them away; I’ve also tried Graze, a natural snack box subscription and, of course, the Picky Club! Hope you have a great Monday, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing the giveaway!

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  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I had my 1st and only 22 miler of this training cycle Saturday morning and ran with one of runner friends! Then headed to my cousins bridal shower in Massachusetts (fun fact..we’re getting married 2 weeks apart!) I used to subscribe to picky bars and ipsy, but stopped for the time being while wedding planning! I love champagne, pinot grigio & noir and Riesling (especially in the summer). Breakfast sounded delicious! Love the cheese plate too!!

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  6. I’ll take red wine, any kind. I’ll take it with cheese, or chocolate. Heck, I’ll take it with a side of oxygen! Ha ha ha those early morning runs aprés wine nights are the quickest way to get rid of a hangover. Just sweat it all out!

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  7. My favorite type of wine is non-alcoholic! 🙂 I don’t drink for religious reasons but I’ve had a tasty non-alcoholic wine from Napa on our honeymoon.

    Great running week! I convinced my husband to run with me and my son and I snuck in a sunset trail run.

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  8. I love that you have some peaches your Gran canned. What a great way to encourage the weather to warm up? By eating last summer’s fruit! I love the action shot of your running group. Peak: 12 miler
    Pit: 18 miler that became a 12 miler after some setbacks

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  9. I had a 10K Saturday and then did 3 easy miles Sunday. I indulged in some sangria Saturday afternoon and had a wine slushie (SO GOOD). I want to eat everything that you just posted… especially the crepes!!

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  10. Your group running shot is SO happy! Love it! I don’t really know my wines…all I know is that I like it red and sweet lol How did you pull off 10 miles day after 20?! I struggled to eek out 6 miles day after mine. I ran 22 long this past Saturday and even got a tiny sunburn…Spring!! hooray!! You refuel so healthy! I’m horrible. I just eat EVERYTHING. You are looking long and lean…maybe I should take after your eating habits. 😀 I’ve yet to try a StrideBox. I don’t know much about it other than bloggers mentioning them occasionally. Peak? running 22 miles. Pit….kid barfing last night :-/

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  11. Love your joy, Jen! We need it up here in Nova Scotia, Canada, where we are still buried in snow. I’ve logged about 311 miles on my treadmill since the end of January…just 77 miles outside! Things I do for Boston :)…just trying to keep my mojo up until the taper! Netflix helps…

    Peak: did a treadmill double on Sunday (yet more snow)…16.4 miles
    at 9:30 am, 7.7 miles at 4:00 pm…24 all done 🙂 – I may have
    been suffering from snow stress and cabin fever!

    Pit: long, boring March break for my three little kiddos since we were
    mostly snowed in, especially by time the weekend arrived!

    Trying to choose the joy but really just leaning on His grace :)…which means I’ll probably find the joy for sure! Happy running x

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