The Friday Five

1.  Bai 5. Molokai Coconut. It tastes like vacation!

2.  Run with Heart t-shirts from RunFarGirl.  I love her blog and she’s donating 20% of every blue and yellow purchase to Girls on the Run!  (Also…they’re Boston colors!)  They run a little small, so size up.  I’m wearing a medium.

3.  We have a new park and trail system in Brentwood, TN.  Unfortunately the city council decided that it was unsafe to allow running on the trails.  What?!!  Runner’s World picked up the story and the local run community rallied.
VICTORY!  We can now run on our park trails! 

4.  Superburst Camera App.  I’ve tried quite a few timer/burst apps for running shots.  This is definitely my favorite.

5.  Yes, I’m over 30.  Yes, some of the advice is crass.  Yes, it’s full of truth and cracked me up!

Happy Friday and Choose JOY!!

18 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. SO awesome that the running community fought to get their trails! That makes no sense that they wouldn’t let you run there…it should be at your own risk like every other trail system!

    I’ve never tried Bai but I think I’ve seen it around…I’ll have to pick up a bottle some time (or just order on Amazon!!) Happy Friday!

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  2. I think Judy Greer is AWESOME! This video cracks me up!! I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye out for Bai 5; oh, my gosh! Those look amazing; I wonder if Whole Foods will have them? Otherwise, I might just have to order because it’d be worth a try. Another fun Friday Five, Jen! Hope you have a great weekend, girl!

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  3. I’m not a huge coconut water/drink fan – even though I love the smell! My doula had coconut water for me to drink when I was in labor with my second and now I will forever associate it with the MASSIVE WAVES OF PAIN. So…you can drink my share of the coconut drinks. 🙂 As for the trail thing – glad they opened it up to runners. That’s just silly. Have a great weekend!

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